What's In Brian Conley's Beat Box?

Barrington Levy–Under Me Sensi

Groove Corporation–Dub Plates From Elephant House Vol. 1

Black Uhuru–Collection

Pete Rock–PeteStrumentals

Humble Soul–Humble Soul

Division Of Laura Lee



Division Of Laura Lee is yet another ripping rock band to come from the music-rich land of Sweden. File this album in the hot rock 'n' roll section of your iPod–right next to Fugazi, The Refused, The International Noise Conspiracy, and …Trail Of The Dead. I think the reason all these guys in Sweden start bands is to impress the six-foot blondes who infest the place. Either that, or their quest to rock, and this band rocks.–C.C.

The Warlocks

The Warlocks


The Warlocks will cast a spell on you that prevents you from changing CDs. The spell holds you tight in its clutches, while your eyes roll into the back of your head, and you become a zombie with a bloody thirst for human brains. You become inept and non-functional. Your arms start to resemble wet pasta dripping down the side of your torso. Fuzzed-out swamp rock and spaced-out instrumental jams linger in your cerebrum like a stuffy fart lingers around your nostrils after a hearty meal. This CD has an extraordinary indie-rock feel to it while incorporating a different sound that's quite refreshing to the ear.–Aaron Schmidt

Minor Threat

First Demo Tape


Soon after a group of musicians joined together as Minor Threat, they went into the studio and recorded a demo. This recording was scrapped and almost lost forever in the Dischord vaults, until the record label cleaned up its archives (while preparing its recent twenty-year box-set compilation). This newfound album has been issued as Dischord release number 140 and represents a candid snapshot of time. The simplicity of the recording is pure genius, even though back then it was simply considered living within the label's means.

Minor Threat probably didn't realize it at the time, but the band totally changed punk forever.–Eric Sentianin


Happy Songs For Happy People


If Pink Floyd were a modern, instrumental, indie-rock group that had jet engines for speakers–they'd be Mogwai. Few bands in the world posses the intensity and sheer volume of this Scottish five-piece. If you've read any music magazines, you've no doubt seen Mogwai's name scrawled across their covers and in the quotes of young, hip actors. The simple reality is–Mogwai is one of the best bands in the world. While some listeners yearn for vocals and hooks, Mogwai listeners are content with sonic pieces that start out as soft, beautiful melodies, then crash hard into devastating explosions. When was the last time a song gave you chills? Mine was two minutes ago when I heard the third song on this album.–C.C.

Swami Sound System

Vol. One: 2003 Sales Report


“Behold, tomorrow's forgotten sounds today!” That's what it says on the back of this CD–and I believe it. This compilation from Swami Records features some of the coolest bands to ever come from the garage. Beehive And The Barracudas, Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes, The Sultans, and more! All songs are unreleased, rocking, and awesome! Guitars gnash and snarl, men and women yell and howl, vintage amplifiers explode, and your ears will love every second of it. If you like garage rock, heavy metal, and indie rock–there's a band for you here on this disc. Vol. One 20003 Sales Report is the best compilation of the year.–C.C.

Sworn Enemy

As Real As It Gets


While its surface delivery is stereotypically hardcore harsh, Sworn Enemy's lyrics express more than its exclamations might suggest–sorrow, remorse, and realizing your dreams. “We're just like everybody else,” lead vocalist and lyricist Sal LoCoco explains. “We have dreams and aspirations just like we have enemies out there. Hopefully, a lot of people can relate to what I write about.” Sworn Enemy will be rocking Ozzfest this summer. For the complete story, go to–Kevin Wilkins



Archive De La Morte


It's been years since we've heard Danzig's guttural howls and sexy, heavy-metal moans. Never fear–he's back with a DVD full of rock videos that will give you awesome memories of the good old days when metal was evil. This twelve-track disc features unreleased videos and R-rated versions of classic videos. Three different versions of “Dirty Black Summer,” two “How The Gods Kill,” Unreleased versions of “Bodies,” “Sistinas,” and “It's Coming Down,” Top it off with a live video of “Mother” from 1993. This DVD is a must have for any human, ghoul, or goblin.–C.C.

The Day Newport Died

Shores Crew

This crew of Newport rejects has compiled a document of their greatest hits, misses, male pisses, and female wishes. Some of the stunts have been seen in Whiskey and the in the Lost movies–but the rest of them are worth checking out. Remember these rules: Don't pass out while all your friends are still awake, surfboards and stairs never mix, always perv with your camera in hand, and don't let anyone ever piss on you at a warehouse party. In between skits, you'll see air supremacy from Josh Hoyer (which should be enough for you to want this DVD). Props to Moysa for some creative ripping as well.–C.C.

Rise Above

Seven Films

Rise Above is a solid video that shows you what's been going on lately in the surfing world. It features recent footage from Australia, Hawai'i, Indo, South Africa, and California. The California footage is from the amazing swells there last winter. An Indo boat trip section shows some of the best looking waves ever (look for Gavin, Brack, Pacheco, Centeio, Shibata, Losness, and Moody, all ripping in this section). The rest of the footage is primarily shot at and around the World Tour events, which means you are going to see the world's best, like Dorian, Andy, the Hobgoods, Occy, and the rest of the boys.–C.C.