What's In Shea Lopez's iPod?

“Well, I don't have an iPod,” says Shea. “I just threw away all my rap CDs. I've been hurt, so I don't really want to get too amped up, you know? I've also been fishing a lot, so I've mostly been listening to the sounds of nature (laughs). Here're a few things I've been listening to on the boat.”

Jimmy BuffetGreatest Hits

Willie NelsonGreatest Hits

Sublime40 Ounces To Freedom

Pearl JamTen

Pink FloydThe Dark Side Of The Moon

The Rolling StonesHot Rocks

Kenny ChesneyKenny Chesney

David Cross

It's Not Funny

Sub Pop

David Cross almost made me crash my car. I was minding my own business, driving home from working a half-empty day in my cubical, when I eagerly put the new David Cross comedy CD in my stereo. His first joke about not hating children blew my funny fuse, and my tear ducts emptied. I swerved all over the freeway and nearly cross-checked a large man in a Dodge truck. It was a near-fatal accident all because David Cross is so f–king funny. Don't listen to this politically charged comic genius in your car while you're driving–the consequences could be horrible. If your view of president Bush and the Republican party don't change after listening to this CD, you should have a lobotomy.

Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand


This band will be big very soon. Why? Because they rip and they have a new sound that is sure to make your ass shake. If you're a fan of Interpol or Hot Hot Heat, you'll be feeling this Glasgow band's newest and greatest album (so far). It's really not fair to say they sound like Interpol or Hot Hot Heat just because the singing sounds similar. Make your own decision, but please do go pick this album up. It's not quite as amazing as Interpol's Turn On The Bright Lights, but way better than Hot Hot Heat's Make Up The Breakdown.


Convict Pool


Part mariachi folk, part indie rock–Calexico has been creating heartfelt and beautiful music for the better part of the last decade. The base of the band is two extremely talented Tucson, Arizona musicians Joey Burns and John Convertino. They use the desert that surrounds them as an inspiration to create heart-wrenching songs utilizing mariachi horns, accordion, classical guitars, and a gorgeous lap-steel guitar. Their sound is completed with the addition of Americana-style vocals and driving drums. If you think you know all that is indie rock, think again.

TV On The Radio

Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes

Touch And Go

This disc caught me by surprise for real. The music you'll hear covers a wide array of styles including jazz, indie rock, post rock, funk, electronic–damn, I mean, you have to really hear the disc to feel what I'm saying. Think of Peter Gabriel and Yeah Yeah Yeahs getting together with Shipping News. The singing ranges from heartfelt to falsetto and will grip you tightly. The loops, basslines, and keyboards are awesome, but the voice arrangements on songs like “Dreams” and “Staring At The Sun” are nothing less than stellar.

The Coral

Magic And Medicine


It's been a long time since acid has been in style–those were the days–now it's all about crack. Enough drug talk–this band, The Coral, is awesome. I don't want to pigeonhole them as some acid band, but I know they're on some wild shit. This double-set disc is chock-full of 600s psychedelic-style wild songs that will bring you back to the times of Eric Burdon And The Animals, Allen Price, and especially The Zombies. Creativity is stagnant in the mainstream. The Coral are a band of freaks that make magical music. Get on this first, before your dumb friends.


Louden Up Now!

Touch And Go

Get on the floor, coldsore! Get you're ass shakin', bacon! Get that booty hoppin' and start floppin'! !!! is so funky and so awesome. This band will get your ass moving for real. Think of Stevie Wonder's funky side, add some indie-rock stylings, a dash of freak nasty–you get !!! (pronounced chk chk chk). Louden Up Now is fantastically danceable and will please any human who wants to move, shake, shimmy, or even spaz. They seem to be a much happier version of The Rapture or Gang Of Four–but with more horns and funkier basslines. Want to groove? I do, too. Get on !!! now!


Sweet: Glitz, Blitz, And Hitz


This is the band that made Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars from Mötley Crüe want to be in a band. They were glam-rock, pre-metal, pop, makeup-wearing rockers! Way ahead of their time, Sweet wore crazy-tight outfits, wild chokers, layers of eyeliner, and long ladylike hair. Don't be fooled by their looks–they rocked and they partied as hard as anyone. Check this out to see where glam-metal came from. Their big hit was “Ballroom Blitz.”

Drive Thru Australia

Greg Browning/Poor Specimen

This is by far the best Drive Thru yet. Benji, Rob, and Donavon trekked across Oz getting some of the funnest-looking waves ever. The best part about the Drive Thru series is the movies make you feel like you're actually on the trip with these guys. The team picks up some hitchhikers along the way. Dean Morrison and Margo go completely apeshit at various locations around Oz. Drive Thru Australia is a classic. All these guys are ripping harder than ever and talking more shit than ever. This DVD is a must-see–amazing job, Mr. Browning.

Somewhere, Anywhere, Everywhere

The Globe Surf Movie

This movie is radical. When I say radical, I mean it has brilliant sections from Taj Burrow, Occy, The Hobgoods, Noodles, Pancho Sullivan, and Luke Hitchings. Surprise banger sections come from Luke and Pancho. These guys have been throwing mean gouging hacks under the radar for years. We've seen them in magazines, but to see Pancho absolutely devastate the North Shore on film is awesome to say the least. The music in this movie rocks with great with songs from The Shins, Trans Am, Oasis, The Streets, and more. S.A.E.'s well worth buying–I just watched it and I want to surf so bad I might shit myself.