Reviews & Alex Knost’s Top-Twenty Travel Tunes

  • The Voidoids Blank Generation
  • The Velvet Underground White Light/White Heat
  • The Clash Black Market Clash
  • Television Adventure
  • Jerry Lee Lewis Great Balls Of Fire
  • The Goons Of Doom The Goons Of Doom
  • DEVO Live: The Mongoloid Years
  • Loretta Lynn Van Lear Rose
  • The Life Aquatic Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • Patsy Cline Walking After Midnight
  • Johnny Cash Live At San Quentin
  • The Cars Candy-O
  • Blondie Parallel Lines
  • The Strokes Room On Fire
  • Tracy And The Plastics Muscler’s Guide
  • The Stitches 12 Imaginary Inches
  • Nico Chelsea GirlThe New York Dolls The New York Dolls
  • Morrissey Bona Drag
  • Adam Green Garfield

    David Bowie



    Remastered and amazing, this live recording of David Bowie’s 1978 Madison Square Garden concert has been reissued, much to the elation of Bowie fans everywhere. Many Bowie-heads already have this double album on vinyl-but now’s your chance to hear what Tony Visconti (longtime Bowie producer) means when he says, “After remixing his (Bowie’s) 1977 incarnation and then mixing a 2004 live concert, I can barely perceive any evidence of aging to his voice.” As any human who’s ever seen Bowie can attest, he’s one of the greatest performers of our time-listen to the remaster of Stage for further evidence.

    The Penetrators

    Basement Anthology 1976-84


    Swami has found yet another “criminally overlooked” garage-rock gem to pluck from obscurity and place on compact disc. The Penetrators are the self-proclaimed “Number One Band In Town,” and I believe them. Songs like “Shopping Bag,” “Baby Dontcha Tell Me,” and “Rock-N-Roll Face” are pure garage-punk noise-and beautiful noise at that. If you’re looking for polished recordings and perfect pitch, go away. If you’re looking to party and thrash, come on feel the noise of The Penetrators.


    A River Ain’t Too Much To Love

    Drag City

    Smog plays lo-fi lullabies that come across as fractured pieces of Bill Callahan’s (singer/songwriter) personal journal. The songs come across with intimacy, it’s as if he is right there with you. Bill, who has been called an “unrecognized pioneer” of the genre, speaks slowly and uses pauses to accentuate poignant meanings in his songs. If Ian Curtis of Joy Division were alive now and playing an acoustic guitar in your basement, it might sound like Smog. Fans of Leonard Cohen and Lou Reed will enjoy this album.

    Shipping News

    Flies The Fields


    Shipping News is one of those bands that are in with all the cool kids because the band itself is all cool kids. They record with Bob Weston of Shellac, live in the same town that Slint is from, and are on the ultra-cool Quarterstick Records label. Guitarist Jason Noble was once in Rodan, and Jeff Mueller is in June Of 44. The two met while making soundtracks for shows on National Public Radio. This new disc is full of all the amazing sounds and brooding you will enjoy if you listen to any of the aforementioned bands.

    Hot Snakes

    Peel Sessions


    As you may or may not know, the legendary producer John Peel passed away late last year. John recorded with every great artist from Bowie to The Beatles-any artists that ever mattered. The last session he ever did was with San Diego’s Hot Snakes-a band that matters. While the disc only has four songs, they all kill. Using a mishmash of legendary equipment, drummer Mario Rubalcaba played Keith Moon’s tom-toms (The Who) and John Bonham’s kick and snare drum (Led Zeppelin), and Ringo Starr’s stool (The Beatles). Guitar/singer Rick Froberg played through the amp that was used to record “Hey Jude,” Purple Haze,” and “Satisfaction.” Bass player Gar Wood played the stand-up bass that was used to record the theme to Star Wars. Guitar player John Ries brought his own gear. The final result-four guys, four songs, four reasons out of a million to find this album and buy it.

    Jazz Latinas

    Jazz Latinas


    I don’t know quite what it is that mmakes Latin jazz so sexy. The lusty vocals in Spanish and Portuguese, the swinging melodies, the sultry tones, the sensual horns, the bossa nova, and the pure passion that emanates will make you relaxed, aroused, and more sexual than you are now. If you need an escape from the ordinary into the cool world of Latin jazz, here’s your ticket-don’t forget a date, and try to take a few breaths in between make-out sessions.

    Five More Choices …

    Irradio Make-Up For The Inagurated-Indie-tech-rock! One of San Diego’s finest.

    Lucero Nobody’s Darlings-Alt-country-rock with a gruff-voiced crooner.

    Geography Life In Binary-Mars Volta meets Taking Back Sunday. Rocking!

    The Valley Arena Take Comfort In Strangers-Long Beach’s Drive Like Jehu.

    Mobius Band City Vs Country-soothing, dreamy, ambient, pop.


    Inner Visions From The Search

    Rip Curl/Jon Frank

    Inner Visions From The Search will make you sick as every Search video has in the past. Perfect waves, amazing water angles, long tubes, ripping surfers, and a returning Tom Curren. Jamie O’Brien does his usual freakish tricks, Ben Dunn rips, Fanning is ripping pre-injury, and Hedgy and the rest of the Rip Curl heads all get their dues in this DVD-perfect if you’re about to go somewhere like Indo. Tom Curren in Russia is pretty cool, too. Jon Frank rules the water.

    Decade Of Destruction

    XYZ/Tyson Montrucio

    Ever hear the phrase, “With friends like these, who needs enemies?” Well, watch this video and you’ll find it to be very true. Watch this group of friends light each other on fire, fight, kick, maim, throw darts at each other, wake up their buddies by lighting their hair on fire, and more. If you like death metal, spitting fire, drinking Jack Daniel’s, or Fight Club-you’ll like this. Oh yeah, there’s some super sick skating in here, too, by Danny Way, Jimmy Astleford, Sante Fe, Jake Brown, Neal Mims, Chris Lambert, and Trainwreck, among others.


    Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition

    Rockstar Games

    It’s 2:00 a.m. You’re waiting in your Dub Edition Chrysler 300 on a dark corner in downtown San Diego. As you rev your souped-up engine, you hear a faint sound in the background-it’s the engine hum of a ’64 Chevy Impala. A set of headlights approaches-with two flicks of the lights, the race is on! Yes, it’s Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition, and it’s the best racing game on the market. With an amazing array of rides, brilliant graphics, and endless customizations available, you’ll be racing your life away. Gran Turismo who? MC3 is the best. Rockstar Games rules.