Reviews & Kelly Slater’s Top Ten

”My first album ever was AC/DC’s Powerage, and I still love it.”-Kelly Slater

Eddie Vedder Ukelele Songs

G Unit Beg For Mercy

Lloyd Banks Hunger For More

INXS Listen Like Thieves

Stevie Wonder Innervisions

Coldplay Parachutes

Norah Jones Come To Me

Jeff Buckley Grace

Van Morrison Astral Weeks

Talking Heads Greatest Hits

… And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

Worlds Apart


Worlds Apart is the latest release from the band with the long cool name, and it’s a glorious testament to the legend that this band has created. A.Y.W.K.U.B.T.T.O.D. has created a theatrical, lush, and thoroughly rocking album with a depth that can be heard throughout its twelve tracks. You’ll hear a full orchestra, a choir, lots of piano, heavy guitars, storms, lightning, kettledrums, and some of the best rock songs you’ve heard in a long time. If you like Smashing Pumpkins, Oasis, “November Rain” period Guns N’ Roses, or Mercury Rev, you’ll be loving this album-one of the best releases of the year.

Magnolia Electric Co

What Comes After The Blues

Secretly Canadian

Jason Molina (Songs: Ohia) is an amazing Americana/indie/folk artist, and the Magnolia Electric Co is his new band. The songs for this particular band range from twangy-alt country à– la Bonnie Prince Billy, to soft whispery acoustic à– la Songs: Ohia. If you’re a fan of the latest Bright Eyes release, Amalgamated Sons Of Rest, or Songs: Ohia, you’ll love this record.



Fighting Records

The first song on this record really reached out and grabbed me. Snappy hooks and great vocal harmonies conjured up a sound that made me think of an updated indie-rock version of Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Sky.” The rest of the album continues to rule you in the vein of The Cars, The Killers, and even The Jesus And Mary Chain. It’s good to hear an 80s-influenced band that doesn’t go overboard.

Summer At Shatter Creek

All The Answers


The thing that will strike you about this disc is the soft soulful singing that multi-instrumentalist and one-man-band Craig Gurwich belts out on every track. Craig plays all the instruments, sings all the parts, and even did the art work. Pitchfork calls him “a lo-fi loner Phil Spector.” Magnet magazine says he “raided your parents’ Simon And Garfunkel record collection.” If anything, he’s a genius, and he knows how to create beautiful, atmospheric dream pop in the vein of My Morning Jacket, Kings Of Convenience, or Grandaddy.


Rescue Through Tomahawk

Altitude Records

Although at first it may not seem like a concept album, Rescue Through Tomahawk certainly is a thank-you tribute. Last year while on a cross-country tour for its debut album emotions, Imaad Wasif, Russ Pollard, and Leslie Ishino had a brush with death. The tour van hit some black ice and rolled into a ditch while driving on a sketchy snow- and ice-laden road in Wyoming. And just like in the movies, a stranger came from nowhere and helped the trio immediately after the wreck. He used a tomahawk to bust the windshield and pull them to safety. And just as quickly as the stranger appeared, he slipped into the darkness leaving his tomahawk behind.-Eric Sentianin


A Broke Down Melody

Woodshed Films

Bravo, Chris Malloy! You made an awesome film. A Broke Down Melody is a heartfelt look at a few different aspects of surfing. Starting off in Jamaica, then going to North Sumatra with Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, C.J. Hobgood, and Mark Cunningham, then to Chile with Jack Johnson and Gerry Lopez, this movie is as beautiful as it is mesmerizing. There’s bodysurfing, Tom Curren ripping it up, walking and talking, and a lot of singing. I loved this film, and if you’re patient, you will, too.


Thomas Campbell

We told you all about this movie throughout the year, and now you can own it on DVD. Since you probably already know the plot of the film, I’ll tell you about the boonus stuff on the DVD. There’s tons more surf action from all over, a day in the life with Alex Knost (set to an amazing song by the Mattson 2), videos for The Shins, Bonnie Prince Billy, and much more. Go buy it, and sprout a love tree for the glide and shred.

The Free Way

Billabong and Bali Strickland

This is a good, solid movie featuring Billabong’s top dogs in beyond-perfect waves. The Free Way is the follow-up feature to Framelines. This beautiful film takes you to the tropics of Indo, into the depths of a sick tow session at Shipsterns, and back around the world to Hawai’i and beyond. I think everybody will love this film, so I’ll throw it a big shaka and give it a ten on the stoke/irie meter.

No Way Man

Rusty and Rick Rifici

Here’s another quick Rusty flick that will get you amped and have you jumping off the couch and into the water. The Harringtons, Jock Barnes, Josh Kerr, and James Catto will all make you want to punt, with C.J. Hobgood handling the style element, and a breakout section by Jay Davies that will have you rewinding and pausing. No Way Man is a great way to get motivated to shred.


Mercenaries: Playground Of Destruction


PlayStation 2/Xbox

In this third-person shooter game from LucasArts called Mercenaries, you get to choose between three different mercs who can accept hitman-style contract missions from five different factions-North Korea, South Korea, Red China, the Russian Mafia, and the Allies. Or you can just run around and jack all kinds of modern tanks, armored Hummers with grenade launchers, and helicopters loaded to the teeth with missiles and destroy everything in your way. I think this game should be renamed Grand Theft Auto: North Korea. Fans of the GTA franchise will be very pleased with this game.-A.S.

Knights Of The Old Republic: The Sith Lords

Xbox Lucas Arts

For those of us with nothing to do but stare at a TV for hours on end waiting for the next swell to arrive, video games are the perfect time waster. Star Wars’ new game, Knights Of The Old Republic: The Sith Lords, is the perfect cure for those long lulls. This game is the ultimate Star Wars adventure game that’ll have you traversing the galaxy overcoming battle after battle. In KOTOR II, you are the last of the Jedi order and are asked to align yourself with the light side and become a Jedi or walk on the dark side and destroy what’s left of the Republic. Now it’s your adventure, what would you do?-Eric Sentianin

Book Nook

P3: Pipes, Parks, And Powder

Todd Richards with Eric Blehm


Yeah, Todd Richards is my bro. I know, dropping names is lame. Either way, you can be his bro, too. All you have to do is read his book, P3. It’s his life story, and it’s funny, interesting, and best of all, illustrated. Todd is the best snowboarder in the world (in my opinion), so read P3, and when you see him on the slopes, yell, “Whasssup, Toddler!”-he’ll love that.

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