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What's In Rizal's iPod?

Social Distortion White Light, White Heat, White Trash

Social Distortion Live At The Roxy

Mike Ness Cheating At Solitaire

The Living End Roll On

The Living End Pictures In The Mirror

Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction

Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion One and Two

Superman Is Dead Kuta Rock City

Pshycofun Ride The Waves

Nirvana Nevermind

The Ataris So Long Astoria

Unwritten Law Unwritten Law

The Police Greatest Hits

Sublime Sublime

Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits

blink-182 blink-182

The Strokes Is This It

Jack Johnson Brushfire Fairytales

Bob Marley And The Wailers Legend


Nice, Nice

Go Kart

Soaring indie-punk rock from a seven-piece shred machine. Take some Fugazi-ish guitars, Drive like Jehu-style drums, Rocket From The Crypt's horn section, add some synth, some post-hardcore singing/screaming–and you find Cougars. This album takes you on a wild ride into the fangs of a cougar, and you will love it. Some other bands that come to mind are The Murder City Devils, Hot Snakes, and The Constantines. Nice, Nice is an amazing debut album and one you should check out ASAP.




If you're looking for some alt-country indie rock to fill the void in your music collection, look no further. Jackpot just released a record full of great songwriting, and the world of music should be taking notice anytime now. Fans of My Morning Jacket, Gomez, or The Sleepy Jackson will really be grooving on this album. After you buy this album, you might say you've just hit the alt-country jackpot.

New Black

New Black


Berlin was one of the best new-wave bands of the 80s. New Black is the new Berlin. This band of two men and two women mixes the punkiest parts of the B-52s with the emotion and synth sexuality of the aforementioned Berlin, while adding 2004 hooks. New Black can be compared to Yeah Yeah Yeahs or The Faint, but with a little bit more 80s in the mix.


Redneck, White, and Blue


Here's a little band out of Texas that plays some big rock and roll. Junior plays punchy, straight-up punk rock leaning toward the sounds of Agent 51, older blink-182, and Green Day. Give these crazy Texans a chance to rock you–ya'll come rock now, ya hear?



Rip Curl/ Jon Franck

Rip Curl has always put out insane surf flicks. One of my favorites from the past was Savage Cuts, and of course The Search series was an all time favorite. The new release from Rip Curl called Windows is another banger. Simply put, Mick Fanning, Jamie O'Brien, Nathan Hedge, Kieren Perrow, Manoa Drollet, and the rest of the team rip the curl. Jon Frank's cinematography is amazing, and the Aussie soundtrack is actually quite good.

The Union Blue Project

A Fundraiser For Our Friend Jason Bogle

Billygoat Distribution

When you have fifteen of the world's foremost surf-cinematographers contributing to one project, you know it's going to be amazing. The Union Blue Project is a compilation of segments put together from such legends as Don King, Sonny Miller, Jack McCoy, and Taylor Steele. One hundred perecent of the prrofits go toward helping Jason Bogle in his fight against cancer. Buy it and you'll not only be owning a piece of surf history but saving a life as well.

Michiganfest 2002 Documented

Bifocal Media

Michiganfest is a weekend festival that I wish were held closer to me, so I could've gone to it. Luckily, there's a DVD for me to watch to feel like I was there. Featured live performances from Hot Snakes, !!!, The Constantines, Owls, Radio 4, Aloha, and dozens of other indie favorites make this DVD a must-have for any fan of indie rock. Good sound and production values, help this video rock your eyeballs and earballs.


Surf Life 32 TO 02

T Adler Books

Coffee-table books are needed to make your living room look sophisticated. This particular coffee-table book is a great thing to have sitting out, because you can't see it without picking it up and going through it. This book features page after page of random images from some of our world's best photographers. Packed between surf shots are lifestyle photos and some historical images from Leroy Grannis. Surf Life is a book worthy of showcase–it'll tide you over until Brian Bielmann and Steve Sherman's books are published (which I hope is soon).

Towards Miles Observations of an American Passage

By Jon Rose

Getting a book published is an amazing feat. People like Jon Rose somehow have the ability to say, “I want to travel around the country and write a book about it,” and then actually do it. This book is a glimpse into a summer's worth of soul searching, soul escaping, and eventually soul realization. Ryan Hitzel's art direction is beautiful and Jon's personal approach to writing is refreshing. Another good addition to your coffee table.

The Cannabible 2

By Jason King

Every day, at exactly 4:20 p.m., Senior Editor Aaron Checkwood reads the whole office a passage from The Cannabible 2. While none of us admit to smoking herbs, we admit to loving The Cannabible 2. Jason King has really done his homework here (smoking the world's best herb, photographing it, and writing about it). If Pulitzer were to ever blaze a joint, he would award The Cannabible 2 a prize. Here's an excerpt from a review of the strain of bud called Dogshit: “Not to be confused with Catpiss from the first volume of The Cannabible, Dogshit is an actual strain. Luckily, the plants only smell like dogshit when they go into flowering. The finished product smells more like high-grade cannabis.”