What's In Danny Fuller's Beat Box?

Darren Crawford–2002/03 80s Party Mix

Bob Marley–Uprising

50 Cent–Get Rich Or Die Trying

Peter Tosh– Legalize It

Barrington Levy–Greatest Hits


The Prids

Love Zero


It's not that often that an album comes onto my desk and goes directly into the current rotation of my CD collection. The Prids debut will be an instant hit with fans of Interpol, Yo La Tengo, or Joy Division. This disc is a rare mix of 80s-style guitars, subtle synth-waves, and calming vocals. Love Zero is definitely an album that you can play from beginning to end without skipping a song.–C.C.

Rating: 8


The Complete Works, Volume One


Spiritualized is one of the best jam/psychedelic bands ever. Since we already know that, it's time to talk about its latest release–The Complete Works, Volume One. This is a double-disc set that includes rarities, B-sides, and unreleased tracks. If you're a Spiritualized fan, this disc must be immediately obtained and placed in your collection. There're a few unnecessary songs like “100 Bars,” and repeating versions of “Feel So Sad,” but most other songs are worth the price of admission. If you're not currently a fan of the band, you should go get this disc and become one, dipshit.–C.C.

Rating: 7


To The Rooftops

Gern Blandsten

Here's a band you have'nt heard of that will rock your funky little ass to Mars. During the first song you may realize that this group is on its own trip. Funky bass lines, sporadic drums, eerie organs, cow bells, obscure unknown sounds, and vocals that remind the listener of the Talking Heads. You could say that Watchers sounds a little bit like “!!!” mixed in with some Ugly Casanova and a tiny dash of Hot Hot Heat. This band must be heard to be comprehended. Truly experimental funky-ass indie-rock 'n' roll.–C.C.

Rating: 7.5


The Ugly Organ

Saddle Creek

Watch out, indie-rock head-bobbers. This is a new release that might actually cause you to throw a little bit more angst into your head-bobs. You may even feel the urge to take your hands out of your pockets and dance a little. Cursive bangs out some powerful and wild songs on this disc. The heart-bending singing and lyrics will no doubt plunge this rocking band into the pool of emo, but don't be fooled–this is rocking shit. This album goes well with Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse, and The Beatles song “I Am The Walrus.” This band will become underground cult heroes any second, so get a seat on the emotional rock train now.–C.C.

Rating: 7


White Buffalo

Hogtied Like A Rodeo

Monkey Scetch

There's some heavy music on this disc. I think White Buffalo is called that because he has this deep booming voice that's like a buffalo standing on your chest. The songs on Hogtied Like A Rodeo range from dark to light, with simple guitar work that fits well under the vocals. He sounds like Jack Johnson's evil brother, or Tom Waits' stepchild. Expect big things from this big voice.C.C.

Rating: 6.5



Life On Other Planets


These Briit rockers had some U.S. success last year with an amazing video for the song “Pumping On Your Stereo.” They were dressed up like lanky Muppets rocking out on tiny instruments. This new disc is sure to catch the ears of America again. You could say that Supergrass is the hippie Oasis–or a happier version of Blur. Life On Other Planets goes super well with day-parties, happy-style keg parties, and Sunday chill-outs. Supergrass has packed this album full of good songs that you'll enjoy with friends.–C.C.

Rating: 6.5

The White Stripes


V2 Records

The infamous red and white-clad duo have come out of the garage with another album, Elephant–think Led Zeppelin when it comes to this album. The White Stripes added an extra layer to most of the new tunes–introducing some bass guitar and bluesy lead licks. If you already liked the Detroit superheroes, then nothing has changed–simple three-chord assaults with bare drumming. Elephant is definitely worth picking up and adding to the collection. For those who haven't heard any White Stripes, it's too late–the band already has enough fans. Just kidding.–Eric Sentianin

Rating: 8.5