Richard Kern And OFF! Feature SURF

Richard Kern is a famed NY photographer, probably best known to our generation for his photos of American Apparel-esque girls posing topless on beds for his VBS show ‘Soft Focus’. But Kern’s talent goes deeper than getting the girl next door to take her top off: he’s an accomplished music video director and fashion photographer.

Kern started directing music videos in the mid-80’s, most notably with a haunting lo-fi clip for Sonic Youth’s “Death Valley ’69” which features, amongst other things, licensed footage of riots, rocket tests, crime scenes and skinheads peppered in between clips of the band playing live.

Almost three decades later, we were thrilled when Kern hit us up to source footage from last years Surprise Excitement Party for his latest video of Los Angeles super group OFF!. The term ‘supergroup’ probably isn’t a fair way to describe OFF!; they are legends of the California punk and hardcore scene, comprised of Circle Jerks founder and Black Flag singer Keith Morris, Dmitri Coats from Burning Brides, Steven McDonald from Red Kross, and Mario Rubalcaba: a former pro skater from San Diego who played in Hot Snakes and Rocket From the Crypt.

We’re psyched to see our clips in Kern and OFF!’s latest creation and we’re pretty sure John John and Dane Gudauskas, whose wipeouts are featured in this video, will be stoked to be seen alongside such legends.—Jerry Ricciotti