Richie Collins

Richie Collins: Hello.

Cote: Yeah, is Richie there?

This is him.

This is Mike Dellson calling from A.P.E. 2000 Surf Gloves. I got your number from information – I hope you don’t mind.


Well, I’m calling because we acquired the patent and the brand name for A.P.E. 2000 Surf Gloves. We’re gonna revive the surf glove and put some futuristic elements actually inside the glove. We’re going to work with people who have used the glove before, like yourself.

What do you want me to do?

Well, did you like the gloves?

Are you on a cell phone or something? I can hear other people talking.

I’m at my desk here in Fort Worth, Texas. Anyway, what do you think of the use of dynamic new materials like Kevlar and mesh? We want these things to look as cool as they work. We want to keep them lightweight enough to where you could get all the function out your fingers and your hands, but you could still use the batwing paddling style of finger … uh … we’re still in development. Do you have any input on the future of glove-enchanced surfing?

There’s nothing I could say, because the gloves I used to use worked fine. I wouldn’t know what you mean by Kevlar, because we just used to have wetsuit on the palm and neoprene on the top. Some guys went to the half-finger gloves. I quit using them because I hyper-extended both elbows using them.


Doing a turn. My hand got stuck and I couldn’t fall. It held me on my board and I couldn’t get off it.

Shit, that’s something we’ll have to take into account. Thanks a lot Richie. We’ll be in touch real soon.

All right. Bye.