Rickland Surfboards Welcomes Kaikea Elias

Rickland Surfboards welcomes Kaikea Elias to the team!

Rickland Surfboards is proud to announce the release of a series of short boards inspired and co-designed by Kaikea Elias. Kaikea is a 15 year old charger from Kauai and is currently pushing the limits of youth big wave surfing along with his peers at Pipeline, Backdoor, and many other heavy waves in the Hawaiian Islands. Kaikea just returned from an overseas surf mission in Indonesia and was lucky enough to have Jamie O'Brien as his travel guide. He got the chance of a lifetime to surf places like Keramas and Desert Point and has had many exciting adventures. Check out Kaikea's website at

Kaikeaelias.com and be sure to read his entertaining blogs. Look for him this winter on the North Shore along with Jamie O'Brien, Landon McNamara, John John Florence, and the rest of the crew getting some big barrels.

Kaikea Elias' statement:

I am so stoked to be a part of Rickland surfboards and I am honored that he picked me out of all the other kids out there. Rich is one of the best shapers working today and I am really stoked with his boards. Thanks to Rich, I've got a solid quiver that will let me charge in any conditions. The winter season here in Hawaii is hard on equipment (think of broken boards), so it's good to know Rickland has me covered!

Rickland's statement:

I am super exited of having Kaikea, one of the best groms in the world joining my team and my family. Rickland surfboards signature models by Kaikea Elias will be released in our next catalog for 2011 that will include an all around short board, a high performance small wave board, a high performance short board, and his step up board. These signature series are designed for the lighter surfers and groms.

Rickland Surfboards believes that any adjustments that will help today's modern shapes will enhance performance and benefit all surfers. The use of newer materials and technology such as Fiberflex, Hydroflex and our Flex line series "R-Flex" and "C-flex" will further enhance the performance of all our designs.

Rich Landerer

Owner/Shaper and Artist