Rip Curl Announces Grand Opening Of “Tom Curren’s Rip Curl”

Costa Mesa, CA (March 31. 2008): An icon for Rip Curl, a legend to the sport of surfing, and an inspiration to generations, Rip Curl celebrated the Grand Opening of “Tom Curren’s Rip Curl” store on the evening of March 29 in Santa Barbara.

With more than 70 of Tom’s close friends, family, industry supporters, and media, a warm grand opening party ensued at the 1200 sq. foot store, located on State Street in Tom’s hometown of Santa Barbara, CA. Although, the store was the night’s occasion, attendees had the chance to celebrate the decorated career of a true legend of the sport, as the walls and display cases showcased the seemingly infinite achievements of the 3x World Champ.

From the historic 1985 Rip Curl Pro Bell to his walk-of-fame inductee placard, the store showcases the many milestones throughout his career. Tom issued this statement to all those who attended:

“I was first sponsored by Rip Curl when I was 15…I was super pumped. Claw [Rip Curl founder/owner, Doug Warbrik] had come up to meet me, and it’s one of those times in your life you always remember. Something special, kind of like here in this store today.”

Rip Curl USA President and CEO, Kelly Gibson was also on hand to celebrate the event. “We are so stoked to have this opportunity with Tom to move forward in an ever developing relationship with Rip Curl,” Gibson stated. “It’s really an honor to partner with Tom on something like this.”

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