Rip Curl Cup Is Put On Hold Due To Large Surf


“Holy shit.”

That’s the phrase that came flying out of just about everyone’s mouths as Sunset maxed out at about 10:00 a.m. Hawaii time Monday morning. Twenty-foot-plus waves closed out the famous right-hand point as board caddies scrambled for life, and competitors tried their hardest to pick out the ridable stuff—which there wasn’t much of.

At just before 11:00 a.m., the horns blasted three times, signaling that the event was off for the day, which must have thrilled the competitors in heat number seven, including Mick Lowe, Richie Lovett, and Marcelo Nunes, who spent the majority of their time in the water taking huge closeouts on the head.

Before it became pandemonium in the lineup, officials were able to successfully complete the five heats of competition with the following results:

    Heat #1

  1. Taylor Knox
  2. Shea Lopez
  3. Paul Canning
    Heat #2

  1. Shane Powell
  2. Phillip Macdonald
  3. Daniel Wills
    Heat #4

  1. Kieren Perrow
  2. Darren O’Rafferty
  3. Beau Emerton
    Heat #5

  1. Sunny Garcia
  2. Mick Fanning
  3. Rodrigo Dornelles
    Heat #6

  1. Jake Paterson
  2. Joel Parkinson
  3. Victor Ribas

Heat #3 was postponed because Dean Morrison, who was scheduled to compete against Occy and Paulo Moura in that slot, took a bad wipeout on Sunday, sending him to the hospital for a dozen or so staples across the top of his head.

Triple Crown Director Randy Rarrick said of the postponing of the early rounds, “I knew this was going to happen, but we just wanted to get a few heats in before it became unsurfable.”

All indicators (buoys, charts, satellite photos, and gut feelings) indicate that this swell is building, and forecasts predict another massive northwest swell is following it. Tomorrow will tell.

–Joel Patterson