Rip Curl Gromsearch Huntington Beach

Stop number two on Rip Curl’s six event national Gromsearch series hit Golden West Street, Huntington Beach, in the heart of Orange County.

An army of fired-up groms, warm sunshine and fun head-high peaks up and down the Huntington Cliffs coastline welcomed the event. On hand was a host of groms from around the Southern California region ready to take aim at winning the prestigious Rip Curl Gromsearch 2003 title. The vibe was strong throughout the day with spectators, fans, and competitors alike taking part in the beach festivities which featured good music, warm sunshine, and a show of the most progressive surfing from groms throughout the region.

Starting the event off bright and early was the Boys 14 & Under division. The early rounds of the division forecasted a day of highly competitive surfing. As the tide pushed in the conditions became tricky and only those who successfully applied the ‘Huntington Hop’ and were able to connect big sections on the inside shorebreak advanced to the latter rounds of the event. Making their way into the finals were Duran Barr (6th place), Logan Strook (5th place), and Brighton Brandenberg (4th) all of whom displayed very impressive surfing attacks as they carved and bashed their way to solid final finishes. Coming in 3rd was Alan Kincade who had the entire beach on their feet throughout a series of heats. Alan busted a couple of solid front-side grab airs along with a couple of clean tube rides to gain some of the highest scores in the event. Earning a well-deserved 2nd place was Adam Lukasik. Adam combined big outside maneuvers along with a series of turns all the way to the beach. Taking the win was Daniel Shea who packed heat in his explosive frontside attacks.

In the Boys 12 & Under division final event the waves began to deteriorate due to the out-going tide and some onshore winds. However, these guys stepped it up and really concentrated on picking off the best ways possible. Colton Larson, kept to the lefts and wrapped some good turns to earn himself a solid 6th place finish. Next came Eddie Elles (5th place) who performed well all day long with his commitment to surf every wave to the sand. Coming in 4th place was Nick Suhadolnik who made sure his small physique didn’t get in the way of throwing huge buckets out the back of several waves. Landing a secure 3rd place was San Clemente super-grom Kalohe Andino who, once again, impressed everyone with his ability to precisely read each wave. Taking 2nd place was Brent Reilly. Brent displays a very mature surfing style for his age, one that will definitely land him in many final events to come. Capturing the 12 & Under Gromsearch title for Huntington Beach was Rip Curl’s very own super-grom Dane Zaun. Dane surfed solid throughout the entire competition. You could see the determination in his surfing; landing big frontside airs and connecting multiple maneuvers secured the win for Dane today.

Another spectacular showcase of America’s future professional surfers came in the Boys 16 & Under final, where competitors were giving it their all. Jo Rieggo (6th place), Jamie Parkhurst (5th place), and Nico Becerra (4th place) all displayed explosive surfing throughout the final event. Rip Curl’s own, Leandro Usuna, combined his smooth style and quick snaps to land himself a solid 3rd place. The battle for first came down to the two twins out of La Jolla, California, Jonathon and David Dupont. Both these groms were answering each other back with one big maneuver after another. While it was Jonathon who snagged an outside bomb that allowed him two big open face maneuvers along with several solid turns on inside to seal the victory.

For the Girls 16 & under division it was another solid day in the world of women’s surfing. All the girls showed impressive surfing in the tricky conditions. In the end it was Samantha Goldenhersh (6th place), Hayley Contant (5th Place), and Cloe Talverra (4th place) who pushed their way to solid final finishes. Taking 3rd was Lexi Papllion, who backed up her final finish at the previous Rip Curl gromsearch in San Clemente with another impressive day of surfing in Huntington Beach. Securing a well-deserved 2nd place was Lacy Pfilbser, who charged hard all day and was able lay down some committed turns. Taking home the Girls 16 & Under crown today was Erica Tow. Erica’s enthusiastic surfing style is one that will help take women’s surfing to new levels.

Once again all contestants and event finalists received a tremendous amount of cool prizes from this year’s insane Gromsearch sponsors: Transworld Surf, Dragon Optical, Reef, and Hansen’s Energy Drink.

The next leg of the Rip Curl USA Gromsearch heads over to the East Coast. The first stop, event #3 of the Rip Curl Gromsearch, will be held at the Outer Banks in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina (August 17th). After that it’s onto Seaside Park, New Jersey (August 20th). Finishing up the Rip Curl Gromsearch East Coast Tour will be New Smyrna Beach, Florida (August 23).

Coming back from the East Coast Tour, Rip Curl will be preparing for the last leg on the West Coast tour at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz, California. After that it’s onto the Gromsearch National Final which will be held on October 4-5 at Salt Creek, in Dana Point, California.

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Final Results

Girls 16 & Under
1) Erica Tow – Oceanside, CA
2) Lacy Pfilbser – Vista, CA
3) Lexi Pappillion – San Clemente, CA
4) Cloe Talverra – Ventura, CA
5) Hayley Contant – Oceanside, CA
6) Samantha Goldenhersh – Del Mar, CA

Boys 16 & Under
1) Jonathon Dupont- La Jolla, CA
2) David Dupont – La Jolla, CA
3) Leandro Usuna – La Jolla, CA
4) Nico Becerra – La Jolla, CA
5) Jaime Parkhurst – San Clemente, CA
6) Jo Rieggin – Costa Mesa, CA

Boys 14 & Under
1) Daniel Shea – Newport Beach, CA
2) Jeff Lukasik – San Clemente, CA
3) Allan Kincade – Costa Mesa
4) Brighton Brandenburg – Newport Beach, CA
5) Logan Strook – Huntington Beach, CA
6) Duran Barr – Carlsbad, CA

Boys 12 & Under
1) Dane Zuan – Hollyglenn, CA
2) Brent Reilly – Carlsbad, CA
3) Kahole Andino – San Clemente
4) Nick Suhadolnik- Del Mar, CA
5) Eddie Elles – Huntington Beach, CA
6) Colton Larson, – San Clemente, CA