Rip Curl Indian Ocean Aid Project Info


In the aftermath of the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami, international surfing company Rip Curl has begun assisting in the rehabilitation and rebuilding of the affected regions of northern Indonesia and the Maldives.Rip Curl has created Rip Curl Indian Ocean Aid to provide practical support to the surfing areas of Sumatra and the Maldives.

In association with the IDEP (Indonesian Development of Education and Permaculture) Foundation, Rip Curl’s Indonesian licensee Robert Wilson is working from Padang, co-ordinating the shipment of essential food, health, sanitation, emergency shelter, and personal care items, targeted to meet the immediate needs of the people along the west coast of Sumatra.

Robert has chartered a 200-tonne commercial vessel, which has also been loaded with two complete kits for drilling wells and additional equipment required to restore existing wells that are tainted with sea water from the tsunami.

“It’s being packed right now and leaving ASAP,” Robert said yesterday.

Rip Curl’s Maldives distributor Ahmed Kaleem is co-ordinating emergency accommodation on the low-lying island chain, which was flattened by the tsunami, making many of the Maldives hundreds of islands virtually uninhabitable. While international aid organizations are busy providing medical assistance in the Maldives, Ahmed is assisting with emergency shelter, distributing tools and building equipment to begin the rebuilding of his devastated country.

Rip Curl International, regional licensees and staff kick-started the Rip Curl Indian Ocean Aid campaign by donating more than AUD$150,000 at the announcement.

For the latest updates on Rip Curl’s Tsunami Relief Efforts click (explains day by day what our relief team has seen, done, and is planning to do to help all areas affected by the tsunami since the initial launch of relief program back on January 1, 2005.)


Rip Curl would be stoked to see you get involved. Many of the crew that have already donated money to this cause have revealed to us that they’ve made our Indian Ocean Aid their choice because they know and are happy where the money and efforts are going.

To contribute to Rip Curl Indian Ocean Aid please make all donations to:
Rip Curl Indian Ocean Aid
ANZ Bank, Torquay, Australia
BSB: 013839
Account No: 837536464

Or head to for more information