Rip Curl Launches ‘The Bomb!’

Rip Curl’s new BOMB wetsuits are surfing’s ultimate wetsuits. Forget about compromises, forget about shortcuts and forget about discounted construction. The BOMB wetsuits are the ultimate surfing products, complete with the latest innovations in surf technology and insane new color ways fit for any surfer. Be prepared to feel warmth, comfort and style all at once!

The E-BOMB is made from Rip Curl’s 100% E2 Superstretch neoprene — the most flexible neoprene available in the surf market. It’s simple really — ultimate flexibility combined with ultimate warmth & comfort equals the best wetsuits in the world! This fact is undisputed and if you think these are just hype words on a page, ask your local surf shop or anyone that’s worn an E2 to confirm it for you.

E-Bomb Features What makes the E-Bomb so special, well the features are endless…

• E2 (Elastomax 2): Superstretch Neoprene. Revolutionary flex & comfort, exclusive to Rip Curl.
• Hydrophobic “E2: The latest in water repellent neoprene cuts down on wind chill.
• Stash Pocket: External zip pocket with wax comb for easy access.
• Auquaban Liquid Tape: Seams for minimal water entry throughout entire suit.
• Blast — Proof Knees: Strong but flexible kneepads to handle copious amounts of duck-diving.
• Hydro Loc Collar: Fully adjustable collar engineered for ultimate fit and water seal
• Seamless Shoulder Panel: For unrestricted flexibility whilst paddling.
• 3¿4 Grid Loc Zip: For minimal water leakage and increased flexibility in the back.
• Batwing & Detachable System: Provides a barrier from water entry and cold-water flushes, with the versatility of being able to attach the collar or hood.
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