Rip Curl North Carolina Gromsearch Canceleled

Electricity filled the air in the early dawn hours of Sunday at the Kitty Hawk Pier in North Carolina, as competitors, officials, and families gathered for the first 2003 Rip Curl Gromsearch event on the east coast – the third event of the national six event series.

As the sun rose at day break through the thick tropical moisture in the eastern sky, light off shore winds began to lift each micro ocean ripple that greeted all who were present.

Despite the enthusiasm, the lack of ocean energy produced by Mother Nature wasn’t enough to allow the explosive surfing the militia of Mid-Atlantic groms are capable of. The decision came down to the groms: to surf or not to surf? The groms chose the latter and the event was postponed due to an incredibly flat ocean.

Nonetheless, spirits were high and everyone at the event used the community gathering as an opportunity to catch up with one another and talk about future surfing activities. Despite the event being cancelled, the fourth event of the summer to be cancelled in the Carolina’s, all entrants still received their Rip Curl showbag full of goodies and walked away happy.

According to Julie Hume, ESA event coordinator, “The weather’s been strange this summer. We haven’t seen too much surf and running events has been difficult; but we figure some solid swells are on the way for Fall and Winter.” The Outer Banks community stays optimistic in their search for waves. The vibe is always positive and it shines through their generous amount of southern hospitality.

Although the surf was non-existent, the grommets were stoked to have an opportunity to bring their surfing community together and to walk away with their insane Gromsearch bag full of goodies,provided by our sponsor partners at Transworld Surf, Dragon, Reef, and Hansen’s Energy Drink.

The next stop on the Rip Curl Gromsearch will be event number four at Seaside Park, New Jersey on August 20th. After that it’s onto the last leg of eastern tour at New Smyrna Beach, Florida on August 23rd. Rip Curl will stage the last regional event, event six of the national Gromsearch series back on the West coast at Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz on August 30.

The Rip Curl Gromsearch national final will be held on October 4-5 at Salt Creek, in Dana Point, California.