Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Update, Champion To Be Crowned Saturday.

Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Update, Champion To Be Crowned Saturday

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Conditions: 6-10 foot Pipe. Enough west in the swell to make the waves pretty damn perfect, minus a slight onshore breeze. Sunshine all day long. Water temp: 78 degrees. Air temp: Low 80s.Who’s Still Going: Andy, Cory, Kelly, trialist Kalani Chapman, Slater, Luke Egan, Triple Crown front runner Pancho Sullivan, Sunny, Occy, Tim Curran, Bruce Irons, Jamie O, Fanning, Damien Hobgood, and Lee Winkler.

Who’s Out: Freddy P, Makua Rothman, CJ Hobgood, and Dustin Barca among others.

Rip Curl Code STL Trialists: Kalani Chapman made it through with Slater. Big brother Shawn was whistling and yelling from the Volcom house. Pancho Sullivan kept his Vans Triple Crown hopes alive and is looking solid. Dustin Barca and Makua Rothman have lost out after excellent showings throughout the event.

Wave Of The Day: Kelly Slater’s perfect 10. Looked too deep on a bomber, took off super late, did two crazy speed pumps, and blasted through a 40-foot section. Takayuki Wakita, who has a part of the Pipeline reef known as the “Wakita Bowl named after himself, called it an “impossible wave. Slater said he was “partying in the tube. Where was our invite Kelly? Scored an 18.67 out of 20 in his round three heat.

Jamie O’Brien had a huge chunk of his trunks missing after his round three clash with Mick Fanning, Fred Patacchia, and Tim Reyes. Must have been the hell barrel he pulled into: “I got as much speed as I could and just sat in there. It started to spit so hard and I was telling myself ‘you’ve gotta make it’. I was really stoked after it and really fired up. I’m just taking it heat by heat at the moment. There’s a little bit of pressure, but there are a lot more worse things going on in the world other than hanging out at Pipeline surfing the best waves in the world. Jamie will meet Mick Fanning, Damien Hobgood, and Lee “Spit the Winkler in the quarterfinals, which are expected to run Saturday, December 17.