Rip Curl Search Sessions

Rip Curl Search Sessions Ready To Rock The Roots Of Aussie Surf Tradition

Rip Curl’s unique surf-rock festival, the Rip Curl Search Sessions,will launch nationally in two weeks time setting off for ten weeks ofwild grassroots adventure across the country.

Following in the footsteps of previous Search Session pilgrimages,the 2001 Tour will kick off in Margaret River, Western Australia overthe weekend of February 17-18, before dissecting 4000km of ruggedAussie turf.

This year’s tour will involve seven regional events in key regionaltowns across the country, followed by a one off National Finalcoinciding with the infamous Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach over Easter.

The Search Sessions Tour is structured to offer boardclub and juniorsurfers around the country an opportunity to break the mould withgreat incentives to boost individual talent and ability. Whilemaintaining a competitive structure this year’s program will be runas a series of Expression Session events promoting radical andexplosive surfing. It’s all about promoting new school andprogressive surfing in a free flowing surf environment.

The tour will also integrate the musical magic of some of Australia’sbest underground bands along the way, so it’s back to the trueflowing nature of the surfing lifestyle – travelling, sick waves,mateship, music, partying, and having fun.

“You can’t get more grassroots than what Search Sessions has tooffer” said Steve Kay, Rip Curl’s global ad/promo chairman. “Clubsurfing is the basis of Australia’s success in world surfing over thepast twenty years, and the clubs are where Aussie surf folklore allstarts”.

Kay added, “We want everyone to have funSSSRip Curl wants to partywith the club surfers of Australia”.

The dates and regional venues for this year’s Rip Curl SearchSessions Tour are as follows :-

1. February 17-18—–Western Australia – Down South, Margaret River2. February 24-25—–South Australia – Moana/Middleton3. March 3-4—–NSW South Coast – Wollongong4. March 10-11—–NSW Mid North Coast – Newcastle5. March 17-18—–NSW Far North Coast – Scotts Head6. March 24-25—–Gold Coast – Palm Beach7. March 31- April 1—–Victoria – Phillip Island

National Final

April 11-16 Victoria – Rip Curl Pro and Victorian Coast

The age divisions for this year’s tour will be Under 18 Men, Under 25Men, and Under 25 Girls.

The winners from each regional event will earn spots into thenational final where prizes on offer include exotic Search trips fromthe Surf Travel Company.

Rip Curl project coordinator Adam Sharp explained, “Search Sessionsallows surfers from around the country to be progressive with theirsurfing. With great prizes up for grabs everyone has the chance tocut loose and push boundaries. This year we’ve incorporated a sicklineup of bands, so it’s going to be ten crazy weeks of mateship,moshing, and madness”.

Bands confirmed to play at the various venues on route include ;Tumbleweed, The Porkers, 3 Point Tilt, Flange, Red Sands, Pacer21,Bordello, Seven, Neveready, and Cabin Fever.

The Rip Curl Search Sessions Tour is presented nationally by >> ShockRecords, The Surf Travel Company, Reef, Australian Surfing Life, andElectric.

Search Sessions is another ingredient in Rip Curl’s Core promotionprogram dedicated to the continued support of junior surfing andAustralian boardclubs nationwide.

The 2001 Rip Curl Search Sessions Tour – clubs, spirit, roots. Onewild journey into the heart and soul of Aussie surfing.

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