Rip Curl Welcomes Timmy Turner To The Team

Costa Mesa, CA (Thursday, July 24, 2008) – Just days before another historic Rip Curl Pro Search event is slated to captivate the surfing world “Somewhere”, Rip Curl USA is enthused to announce the addition of yet another integral piece to its international Search program in the form of 27 year-old HB local/globe trotter, Timmy Turner.

Revered for his award-winning film, ‘Second Thoughts’ which won the 2004 Surfer Poll “Movie of the Year”, Timmy plans to continue his lifelong quest to find waves of absolute perfection, while documenting his adventures. After enduring a life-threatening staph infection in 2005, under doctor’s recommendations, Timmy is to avoid the tropics at all costs. The result?

Timmy is now months into filming his new movie, “Cold Thoughts”, a riveting follow up to his first movie, which focuses on perfection of the coldest order. With trips to Iceland, Canada, South America, as well as other extreme locales in the bank, look for Timmy to push the limits, capturing the same mind-blowing content.

“I couldn’t think of a more natural partnership than this one,” explained Rip Curl USA Marketing Director, Dylan Slater. “Timmy is on his own path: tracking swells, finding waves, getting barreled, and creating unbelievable content. From his new movie to being the local hero he is, Timmy is the ultimate Searcher and a great fit for Rip Curl.”

Timmy, over breakfast at his family’s restaurant ‘The Sugar Shack’, shared the same enthusiasm. “I’m excited to be joining the Rip Curl, because Searching and finding perfect waves is what my career has been all about. It’s great to join a program that shares my vision. I feel extremely lucky and stoked to be joining a program that will allow me to do this.”

Additionally, Timmy’s coldwater sojourns will be the ideal platform for the H-Bomb, the world’s first power-heated wetsuit, which is slated for a limited release this fall. With the technology, the vision, the film equipment, and the personal drive, Timmy is locked, loaded, and on-call for the rest of the year, ready to Search…

For more information, please contact Rip Curl Marketing Operations Coordinator, Jessica Tarras <>.