Rip Curl’s Bomb Squad RV Tour Hittin’ The Highway

The Rip Curl posse will be crossing the nation in the latest addition to the Rip Curl Search Fleet: our new 40ft., fully-loaded Fleetwood Bomb Squad RV, containing the latest in Rip Curl artillery — the ‘E-Bomb’ & ‘F-Bomb’ wetsuits. Fuelled up and ready to take the East Coast by storm, our Rip Curl agents, known as “the Bomb Squad and team of professional athletes, including Jamie ‘FreakShow’ O’Brien, Mike Klein, Matt Gilligan, Mike Hoisington, Julia Christian, Phillip Basino, Gregg Necrasson and more, will be invading shops, beaches and lakes with tons of Rip Curl gear, while still finding time to showcase their skills in various surf and wake demos. But the work doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, because the Bomb Squad will be lightin’ up the nightlife in each town they invade with various parties and Rip Curl movie premieres!

Speaking of parties, Rip Curl Pro team rider, Mikey Klein, will be posting “Klein’s Konfessions, an up close and personal look into the daily shenanigans from the road at

The East Coast RV Tour’s gonna blow up, especially when our agents bust out the latest in Rip Curl Wetsuit Technology — the E-Bomb & F-Bomb. Not only can you check out the suits before they hit the rack, but it’s also a chance for you to win one yourself!

Lookout for Rip Curl’s Bomb Squad RV, as it trucks its way into an East Coast lake or surf break nearest you. It’s all coming your way throughout the month of June: parties, giveaways, team demos and a chance to win a brand new, never before seen Rip Curl E-Bomb or F-Bomb Wetsuit!

Interactive CD with every wetsuit: includes games, tech features, history of Rip Curl Wetsuits, Desktop Downloads, Bonus Search Footage and more!

After being stretched to the limits during intense research & development, the E-Bomb and F-Bomb lived up to the demand of the world’s best test pilots — the Rip Curl Surf Team including Fanning, O’Brien, and Curren!

Rip Curl Bomb Squad East Coast RV Tour Schedule:
June 3rd — June 25th, 2005
Pensacola, FL: June 7
Panama City, FL: June 7
St. Petersburg, FL: June 8
Cocoa Beach, FL: June 9
New Smyrna, FL: June 10
Daytona Beach FL: June 11
Jacksonville, FL: June 12
Myrtle Beach, SC: June 12
Wilmington, NC: June 13-14
Outer Banks, NC: June 15
Virginia Beach, VA: June 16
Maryland, MD: June 17
South New Jersey Shore: June 18
Central New Jersey Shore: June 19
Long Island, NY: June 20-22
Rhode Island: June 23
Manhattan, NY: June 24