Rip Curl’s Live The Search 7 Ways: Matt Wilkinson And Alex Smith


Costa Mesa, CA (February 5, 2010): Seven of surfing’s leading young faces continued a legacy. Seven days in the depths of the Indonesia… Living the Search. Rip Curl now gives you a unique look at seven different ways to Live The Search, straight from the mouth of tomorrow’s generation.

With never-before-seen top shelf footage, Rip Curl will be releasing a seven-part webisode series covering this experience titled “Live The Search: 7 Ways” from February 1 through March 15, with a new chapter going live every Monday.

Starring Matt Wilkinson, Owen Wright, Alex Smith, Koa Smith, Garut Widiarta, Stu Kennedy and Dean Brady, each profile clip can be viewed and downloaded at

From above-the-lip progression to mind-tweaking impossible pits, the boys show exactly what’s possible when you pool top-level talent in the ultimate arena for performance. Additionally, through sound-bytes, each clip unveils a bit of what each individual took from the experience, which brings the Search to life.

Matt Wilkinson

Alex Smith