Rising star Griffin Colapinto on Cote’s Cube

Griffin Colapinto

Griffin Colapinto does fin blasters on his way to Cote’s Cube. Photo: Jimicane / Surfing magazine

Griffin Colapinto is a young surfer from San Clemente, California, whose path to surfing success has been paved through positive vibes, incredible technique, effortless style, and a desire to succeed. At only 16 years old, Griffin has already claimed a national title, traveled the world, competed and conquered in multiple WSL Qualification events, been named to the Surfer magazine Hot 100, and had more photo and video exposure than the average person can expect in a lifetime.

On top of all his competitive and freesurfing achievements, Griffin is just a cool kid. He's jovial, respectful, and seems to be truly appreciative of all the surfing world has bestowed upon him.

Colapinto started surfing at just 2 years old, under the guidance of his dad, who actually runs a surf camp in San Clemente. He made his first contest final at 10 years old, and he's never looked back.

"A lot of people are taking surfing so seriously these days," Griffin told Surfing magazine. "I'm more into keeping it fun and enjoying myself. I like to sit back and make bets on my friends' heats at contests [laughs]. It keeps the mood light."

Griffin Colapinto

Colapinto airs in Indo. Photo: Billabong

For now, Griffin is coming off a stellar 2014 and looking forward to stepping his surf game up in 2015. Colapinto stopped by Cote's Cube just a day or so after failing, then passing his driving permit test, and a few days before a semi-final finish in the first World Qualification event of the year—not a bad start for one of surfing's brightest rising stars.

Griffin Colapinto

Style, power, flow … Griffin checks all the boxes. Photo: Billabong

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