River Surfing In Colorado Video

Tis the season for surfing in…the mountains? While nobody here is rushing off to Colorado to rip the river, there are a few fun-looking sections to bash as demonstrated by the dude at the end of the clip wearing a helmet.

As seen on www.myfoxdc.com

(MYFOX NATIONAL) – When you think of surfing you normally don’t think of Colorado, but there is a place on the Colorado River that is attracting surfers from around the world.

Surfers say the conditions for surfing on the river near Glenwood Springs, Colo., are perfect in May and June, but it depends on the amount of snow in the mountains and how fast it melts and flows into the river.

“I don’t live at the ocean currently so I have to get my fix,” river surfer Jason Rutherford said.Surfing Colorado River