Rizal Tanjung

On the westernmost tip of Bali, high above all the hustle and bustle of Kuta Beach is the “Bukit” (Indonesian word for “hill”). The Bukit is home to some of Bali's most famed waves such as Uluwatu, Padang Padang, and Bingin. It's no wonder that this is where Bali's favorite prince, Rizal Tanjung, decided to lay down his roots and build a home. Rizal recently married his longtime girlfriend Chandra, and the two are expecting a child any day. “I'm 28 now, I'm about to have a family. So I felt it was time to move out of Kuta to somewhere more quiet and peaceful so I can have more quality time with my family and more focus on surfing.”

A classical Balinese-style house with Western influences, Rizal's stunning home lies just on top of the Bukit overlooking his former stomping grounds of Kuta Beach. “We built this house from ground zero,” he says. “I wanted something that was traditional Balinese style but more modern. We did that by using Balinese architecture and then threw in all the things that are comfortable about a typical Western house like the kitchen, bar, big sofas, and big-screen TV.”

As you enter the house through the beautiful double-hand-carved doors, you see the small fish pond and the waterfall garden. Carry on and enter the indoor/outdoor living room, complete with a vaulted ceiling. Keep going to find yourself in a beautiful backyard pool and garden area that would rival the likes of any of the nearby resorts and spas. Take a look over the fence and catch a glimpse of Prince Rizal's kingdom–Kuta Beach. “Kuta is still a part of me,” says Rizal. “I still cruise down there once a day to surf and say what up to the boys, but living down there, yeah, sometimes the nightlife can catch up with you.”

Another reason Rizal picked this area to build in is its close proximity to Padang Padang, Bali's premier big-barrel spot. Although it only breaks a few times per year, Rizal is currently its number-one surfer: “Padang is where my love and focus is. If it's breaking, I'm there. I don't want to miss it. It's a pretty good setup here. I'm just taking life to the next level.”

Side note: On the April 21, Chandra gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. His name is Varun Santria Tanjung. Translated, his name means “The warrior king of the sea.”