Rob Brown – 4.8

Rob BrownAge: 17Height: 5’9″Weight: 131 lbs.Hometown: Wrightsville Beach, North CarolinaSponsors: Split, Hot Buttered, On A Mission, SOD Surfboards

I was back in Wrightsville Beach for Jesse Hines’ wedding, when Richard Gilligan took me to his friend’s house to go wakeboarding and fishing. Little did I know as we pulled into Rob Brown’s long, wooded driveway that I was soon to meet one of the coolest North Carolina surfers ever.Why is it that so many cool surfers are from North Carolina? See, Rob Brown has his own fishing boat, and he uses broken surfboards to wakeboard when the waves are flat. Because Wrightsville Beach is known for having “just a few” flat days each year, Rob and his clan of friends are pretty well-rounded when it comes to surfing, fishing, and wakeboarding. Rob started surfing when he was seven on a crappy board his cousin gave him. His greatest surfing achievement is making it to the finals of the ECSC’s. “Growing up in Wrightsville with Ben Bourgeois around has been pretty cool,” says Rob. “Being able to surf around him has helped my surfing in so many different ways.”-Keppler