Rob Machado

Female voice (Patou, Rob’s wife): Hello?

Chris: Is Rob there?[IMAGE 1]

Patou: Yes, hold on. Yelling Rob! Telephone!

Rob: Hello?

Hey Rob! What’s up, man? It’s Derek.


Um, maybe you don’t remember me, but do you still have that board for sale?

Long pause I don’t think so. Which one? I forgot.

Uh, a tri-fin, somethin’.



No, I don’t think so.

Shit. Well, sorry to bother you.

It’s cool.

I was looking for a six-one.

Oh, okay.


Long pause.

I’m sorry, man. I don’t mean to bother you, my friend gave me your number and I just talked to you at the contest and I thought you might have a board for sale. You said somethin’ like …

What contest?

The, uh, Cardiff day thing.


I’m sorry to call you at home.

It’s cool. Sorry I don’t have any boards to sell right now, man.

Okay, man. Late.


Ten seconds later, Rob calls my office.

Cote: Hello?

Rob: Yeah. You need to disguise your voice.

I had paper in my mouth, but it didn’t work out.

Caller ID. I knew it was you, you freak.

I need a voice-box thing or something.

Somethin’ weird.

Well, what are you doing? Just hanging out?

Yeah. Just sitting here laughing at you.