Robb Havassy X HB Intl Surf Museum Board Raffle

Robb Havassy X Huntington Beach International Surf Museum Board Raffle

Robb Havassy Presents: "150 Surfboards" an art installation & The Biggest Surfboard Raffle Ever

Installation/Media Preview: Thursday, May 16, 2013/ 5-10p.m. (HB Downtown Artwalk/HBISM); Free Concert and Board Raffle: Thursday, May 16, 2013/ 5-10 p.m.

Raffle tickets may be purchased on-line at or calling the museum at 714-960-3483

Huntington Beach – May 1, 2013 – Surf Story Project author and surf artist Robb Havassy will create his unique "150 Surfboard" art installation at Huntington Beach Downtown Art Walk and then initiate the Biggest Surf Board Giveaway Ever by raffling them off to benefit the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum.

Any individual or business purchasing one or more of the only 400 – $50 raffle tickets has an incredibly good chance of winning a collectible surf board with a fascinating connection to surf culture history. These boards have sold for $1000+ at various benefit auctions, so it's a great opportunity for someone to get one of these for $50 and know they are also donating to a great Huntington Beach cultural institution. The intention is to raise money for the museum as well as create an environmentally friendly way to recycle 150 of the surfboards. Again, odds are incredibly high, actually better than 1 in 3 to win.

Havassy says, “The ISM has slowly grown in reputability over the past few years and has realized its potential as a proper surf museum. It’s important that ‘Surf City’ has a significant historical and authentic representation of the surf culture. After to sitting down with some of the ISM board members, including former surfing world champ Peter Townend, I realized I had an opportunity to help the museum along its journey and evolution by providing a unique recyclable art installation that could raise some much needed funds for the museum. The economy is tough and many non – profits have suffered as donations slump. I want to give everyone a good excuse to dig into their pocket a little to help the museum, but also probably win a piece of surf art history.”

These 150 surfboards are exact replicas of one of a surfboard Havassy painted more than 15 years ago. The board eventually fell into the hands of a huge apparel company who saw an opportunity to use it to help them brand themselves as an authentic surf company. All this happened without Havassy’s knowledge and certainly without his permission. It was years later that Havassy found out about what they had done, and brought suit against them. That original board became the center piece of a huge copyright infringement lawsuit the artist brought against Ohio-based apparel giant Abercrombie & Fitch/Hollister Co. for taking his original surfboard and making more than 350 exact copies of it to display in the front of their mall-based Hollister Co. stores all across the country. Not only did they re-create Havassy’s “RH” signature but added their own “Hollister Co.” logos. After two years in litigation Havassy decided to settle the case for an undisclosed amount versus the certain saga of an extended legal battle. In the end Havassy ended up in possession of all 350+ replicas of his boards. The board and lawsuit became the catalyst and inspiration for Havassy to create and publish “SURF STORY” the 440 page, 9 lb., book of surf art and surf stories by almost 100 of the surf cultures most iconic and creative surfers. Legendary surf writer Drew Kampion called “SURF STORY” “the greatest collection of surf stories and surf art ever.” In recent years Havassy has donated numbers of them to benefit auctions for worthy causes, surf schools for under privileged teens and the disabled. Over 150 of these have ended up on art and surfboard collector’s walls and typically sell for more than $1000, raising tens of thousands for charitable causes over the past 5 years.

Havassy will create the installation live at the ISM parking lot, during the Thursday, May 16, 2013 Downtown HB Artwalk and 3 days later will announce the raffle winners of the 150 surfboards on Saturday, May 18, 2013, at the museum event. “I wanted to make it really easy to win one of these boards so we are only going to sell 400 raffle tickets giving everyone better than a 1 in 3 chance to win one of these unique pieces of surf art history.

Raffle tickets may be purchased on-line at or calling the museum at 714-960-3483
Sponsored by Havassy Art, Surf City Art Co., Primo Beer, HB Whole Foods, HB Cult Magazine

About Robb Havassy
A former international fashion model for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior and Armani, Havassy, a graduate of U.C. Irvine with a BA in psychology, began his formal painting career in 1996 after receiving a beginner's art kit as a 26th birthday present. Up until that point, Havassy's artistic expressions had been more or less taking photographs around the world in his travels, and painting his surfboards, but did not really include any formal canvases. Entirely self -taught, his first "traditional" painting was a small surfing portrait of Duke Kahanamoku for photographer and friend Bruce Weber. Eight years and more than 1000 painting's later, the success that followed Havassy's first little watercolor has been manifold, garnering him both national and international acclaim. Highly regarded for his brilliant use of color as well as his eclectic mix of style, motion and inspirational subject matter.