Robert August And Free Wheelchair Mission Join Forces In Costa Rica

Free Wheelchair Mission has partnered with Robert August, surf industry icon and star of the groundbreaking surf film Endless Summer (1965). The partnership is designed to raise awareness and participation within the celebrity community, a powerful collection of spokespersons and philanthropists with a proven track record of attracting the attention of the general public to charitable causes.

Free Wheelchair Mission has funded and coordinated the delivery of over 150,000 wheelchairs worldwide, including areas of extreme need such as Iraq and Afghanistan. In late February of 2007, the organization is delivering a shipment of 10,000 chairs to Costa Rica, where Robert August’s Surf & Turf charity event kicks off its seventh year. The weeklong golf and surf competition raises and distributes thousands of dollars for orphanages and schools in Costa Rica.

“I’ve been involved in Costa Rica for many years, said Robert August, “and I am truly touched that Free Wheelchair Mission has set its sights on such a wonderful people. I know many personally who will be affected by their work. The world is still a wonderful place thanks to people like FWM.

Robert August, son Sam August, and female surf sensation Mary Osborne are scheduled to host and participate in the distribution of these mobility-giving chairs, as well as narrate a series of short form video documentaries on the two-day event. These video segments re being produced by Endless Fun Productions, and will stream over Free Wheelchair Mission’s website, as well as be made available to broadcast outlets around the country and podcasts on the web.

Free Wheelchair Mission, the Orange County, California based non-profit organization is committed to providing the transforming gift of mobility to the physically disabled poor in developing countries. Free Wheelchair Mission creatively partners with like-minded international humanitarian and indigenous organizations and plans to distribute 20 million wheelchairs by the year 2010. Started in 2001, the organization has distributed more than 180,000 wheelchairs worldwide. For more information, visit

The 1965 film Endless Summer quickly became a cult classic with more staying power than the same year’s Oscar-winning best film. Dave Brown’s film established Robert August as the ultimate surfer and adventurer, and affixed the name in the surf industry. Robert traveled and surfed, as well as established Robert August Surfboards, which to this day is a leading brand found on every beach where there’s surf.

Sam August partnered with Shea McIntee and Brennan Slavik to create a production house devoted to surf and world travel. EFP DVD releases include Robert August 30th Anniversary: Tribute To A Legend, and Endless Journey Continues, Vol 2. They are also in development on the broadcast series, The Global Stoke, a travel and adventure program in association with Heavy Trick Media and Apparent Gravity Media. They are located in Huntington Beach. For more information, visit and