Ross Williams Joins The Rickland Surfboards Family

Ross Williams joins the Rickland Surfboards Family!

Ross and Rickland have reached to an agreement finally…  Why Ross? People ask Rickland.

Rickland’s response: Besides being a legend and still one of the best surfers in the world, Ross can adjust himself to the new generation moves and radical maneuvers and to top it off, he’s always been one of my favorite surfers. I mean the guy still surfs like he’s a teenager, you know? He still travels time to time and needs more dependable boards. On top of all that, Ross is one of the coolest former pro guys I have ever worked with. He's very respectful and friendly; overall he's a great guy and family man like me. We are collaborating on progressive designs that will eventually become Ross Williams' signature models. Still a work in progress, but I'm certain that we will get it dialed sooner than we thought.

Ross' statement: I'm excited to ride boards that make surfing “fun”. I still love to surf and nothing feels better than having a surfboard that allows you to do what you want on the wave. Thanks, Ross……..

Whatever the reason, Ross is now part of the Rickland’s family and I’m very exited and honored to work with him. Look for the latest to come out of the shaping room as Ross and Rickland develop Ross' next signature models called “ROSS”, consisting on a small wave board, a high performance short board and a step up board. These boards are designed for the heavier surfer that still wants to rip hard!

Rich Landerer

Owner/Shaper and Artist