Rossi/Bonner Duo Win LBI’s Jetty Clam Jam

2010 Clam Jam victors: John Bonner and Nick Rossi. Photo courtesy Jetty/Kyle Gronostajski

2010 Clam Jam victors: John Bonner and Nick Rossi. Photo courtesy Jetty/Kyle Gronostajski

Holgate, NJ, November 9, 2010 – After being postponed for three weekends in a row, the 4th Annual Jetty Clam Jam finally went off in head-high, clean conditions.

Jetty's annual surf festival has become one of the more talked about East Coast contests, as it fills an NCAA-style bracket with 128 LBI-area (Long Beach Island, NJ) surfers who compete in two-man teams. The LBI surf community including their families, babies and dogs braved the November weather all day as 200 people lined the site and took in some spectacular surfing from sunrise to dark.

Finally, a solid East/Southeast swell with Northwest winds allowed the Jetty event staff to run the jam. This year, the surfing took place at Beach One/Wooden Jetty in Holgate, NJ, a new location from the Harvey Cedars, NJ beaches, which were home to the event from 2007-2009.

In the end, Nick Rossi and John Bonner took down Ryan Kelly and Kyle Calandra in the finals, to claim the coveted clam trophy. The teams with favorite competitors like Randy Townsend, Conor Willem, and Brendan Willem all suffered defeat throughout the day. The team format has judges add each team member's top two waves together for a team score.

The Coquina Jam finals, held over from Jetty's all-female sister event in August, were also run in the early afternoon as Kim Kepich and Jess Johnson bested Deb Green and Corey DeStefano.  They claimed the beautiful Coquina trophy, hand carved by local surfer/artist Joel Dramis, who also carved the Clam Jam trophy – both are displayed at the Black Whale Bar & Fish House.

The local surf contest is hardly just a contest though.  A tent village of sponsors this year offered clam chowder, cold clams, coffee, beverages and 25 pizzas were delivered at lunchtime.  Sponsor Farias' Surf & Sport set up racks for the competitor's boards, ran games and gave away a watch for the day's best barrel while Rusty rep Tom Law offered up new gear for the first to jump into the water without a suit!

The teams are randomly selected a month before the contest as the surfers are broken down into two age pools using the median age.  The bracket was set back in September, but one of the most flat October's in recent history caused the contest to be pushed back continually.

At the end of a long day and many heats, heated tents stood on the southern most point of LBI where a beautiful sunset rested over views of Atlantic City.  Food was prepared and served by The Black Whale Bar & Fish House and Bowker's South Beach Grill, while the sounds of Sneak Attack and 2nd Wind echoed throughout the crowd.  It's a day that LBI surfers wait for after hustling the summer season and has become a true tradition.  Many say it is their favorite day of the year!  There will be a slide show recapping the entire surf festival at Mud City Crab House next month. Photogs are urged to submit their hi-res photos to  Jetty would like to thank the surfers, judges, volunteers and sponsors for another epic event.

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