Roxy Pro To Be Held April 16-23 At Tavarua

This year the Roxy Pro will commence on Saturday, April 16, 2005 as Chief Druku blesses the event during Kava ceremony. The holding period is for seven days, which will be filled with fun, surf and play. We will bring you amazing live coverage on including daily live shows with the pros. Don’t miss it!

Megan Abubo
Rochelle Ballard
Melanie Bartels
Layne Beachley
Claire Bevilacqua
Serena Brooke
Melanie Redman-Carr
Heather Clark
Samantha Cornish
Chelsea Georgeson
Keala Kennelly
Laurina Mcgrath
Sofia Mulanovich
Jacqueline Silva
Maria Tita Tavares
Trudy Todd
Rebecca Woods

Stephanie Gilmore
Roseanne Hodge
Caroline Sarran
Carly Smith

Kula Barbieto
Veronica Kay
Kassia Meador