Roy Powers Interview

[IMAGE 1]Roy Powers is a trip. He can either be the nicest guy you ever met or the rudest-take your pick. There’s something about Roy that makes you want to antagonize him and he’ll always respond.

What’s your name?
Yo momma.

How old are you?

What are your sponsors?
O’Neill, Arnette, Globe, Island Classics.

What does Roy Powers like to do when he’s not surfing?
You’re gonna ask me that question too.

I’m gonna ask you that question?
I like to sit in my house, watch MTV, and be a Backstreet Boy. No, I like to do whatever.

How’s your year gone so far?
Pretty good. Contest wise-alright. I’ve gone on a lot of photo trips. I’m tryin’ to get a lot of photos-if you’re not winning contests you got to something.

[IMAGE 2]Do you ever miss Kauai when you’re on the road so much?
I did when I had a girlfriend there. Not really. I can not go back and be fine with it.

Approximately how much of the year do you think you spend on the road?
It depends, in the wintertime I’ll be home more. Summertime, I’m pretty much gone the whole time. There’s nothing to go back there for-the waves are flat. Everything else happens in California or somewhere else.

What’s the dumbest thing that’s happened to you on the road?
I was on a boat trip. I was throwing up for seven days straight.

Why’s that?
I just can’t handle boats-I’m not a boat person.

Is that it for boat trips?
Yeah, O’Neill’s pressuring for me to get on one in June and they’re trying to figure out everything I can do not to get sick. It’s just like dying-getting seasick. It’s torture-I swear. The waves are so good that if the waves were shitty there’s no way that would ever cross my mind.

Were you looking to stay out in the water just to be off the boat?
I stayed in the water between five, six hours a day staright and then pass out when I got on the boat.

Do you like staying in California? I know you spend a lot of time here?
Yeah, I have a lot of friends here and I like this kind of scene. It’s way more fast and a lot of things are happening and there’s a lot of girls everywhere.

But girls don’t like you?
That’s what you think-the ladies love me.

Woofy tales. Who are your favorite surfers?
There’s a lot. I like all the guys I see a lot like Andy and Bruce (Irons). Taylor Knox is pretty fuckin’ good, of course Slater.

[IMAGE 3]Why do think there’s so many good surfers from Kauai?
The waves are killer. There’s not much to do, there’s not really a good job, you can’t just go to college cause there’s a killer job there. The people see how much of a luxury life is when you’re leaving all the time and you get free clothes, boards. Everybody wants that, but the waves are also perfect so that helps-it’s something in the water. Look at Sunny (Garcia), he moved there now he’s winning the world title.

Is there anything else you want to tell the ladies before we end this interview?
I’m now single.

Now I see how smooth you are.
I don’t know it’s kinda putting me on a pressure point.

That’s life you’re under pressure.
It’s a little easier when it’s two hours into a kegger.