Runaway Jet Ski Breaks SUP Surfer’s Femur During Roxy Pro

No, it wasn’t Reef McIntosh driving either you smart asses…but all kidding aside, this Stand Up Paddler minding his own business and having an irie early morning paddle got worked! Check the article below about the biggest drama from yesterday’s opening day at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast…

Jet Ski Accident Roxy Pro

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A RUNAWAY jet-ski crashed into a recreational surfer at the Roxy Pro in a `one in a million’ freak accident, according to a Gold Coast boatie who helped pull the injured man from the surf.

The accident happened when one of the contest’s safety patrol officers lost control of his jet-ski and fell off after being hit by a wave at Duranbah yesterday.

The surfer, who is in his 40s and known only as Dave, was stand-up paddle boarding about 150m to 200m offshore when he was struck, breaking a leg.

NSW Maritime is probing the incident.

Currumbin father of three Bill Morrison was cruising behind the breakers in his Queensland Surf Charters vessel with skipper Steve Hewitt at 9.30am.

The pair were first on the scene to help the surfer and catch the riderless jet-ski.

“Steve and I were just cruising around watching the contest and the next thing we saw was the lifeguard fall off the back of the ski and the ski has taken off at 100 miles an hour,” said Mr Morrison.

“The next thing you know it is heading for a bloke on a stand-up paddle board … the ski was just going so fast and before he knew it, it just hit him at 12 o’clock. It was a freak accident … unbelievable. It was a ‘one in a million’ chance.”