Ryan Carlson Needs Your Support

Ryan with Christin, Brooklyn and Serenity.

Aeriel freak, Ryan Carlson, is currently hospitalized with MRSA, the worst form of staph infection (the same kind that Timmy Turner had). He has it in his left toe from a recent run in with a Sea Urchin in Puerto Rico, and in his right knee from a spider bite.

Ryan, like most professional surfers, has no health insurance, and his bills are piling up. Last I talked to his girlfriend they were at $15,000 and that was a week ago. The doctors have talked of cutting off his leg if he is not able to finance his recovery.

I’m friends with Ryan, so I know how good of a person he is, that’s why I’m calling you out.

He’s made a life for himself out of surfing, and supports a three year-old and a newborn by riding waves. Now, he needs your help! No matter who you are, every dollar counts.

There are benefit parties in the works and I will let you know when and where they are as soon as possible. If you want to find out how you can help contact me at tmorin@grindtv.com