ESA Championships: Wednesday Photo Gallery

Closed and flooded roads, 60 mph winds, and cross-shore currents that'll take you to Davey Jones Locker—Welcome to the 2008 ESA Championships baby!

Wednesday saw the beginning of what Easterns is known for: the kids divisions. That's what it's all about on the East Coast, and making sure they're having the time of their lives is what's important. Though the surf offered up chest to head high reeling lefts, it was a bit tough to actually make it out of the little nugs that were coming through.

In the last few years it's been all about the Jr. Men's and Open Shortboard divisions at Easterns. And we were blessed today to see the beginning of the Open Shortboard division. Today's Open Shortboard Final saw Cody Leugtugens, Nick Rupp, Billy Olsen, Cole Richards, Keto Burns, and Chris Kelly battling the nor'easter for supremacy.

The results from all the kids' divisions aren't announced until the completion of competition, and it wasn't too apparent after the horn sounded. Nick Rupp had a few solid lefts with foamball hits that carried him down the beach. Cole Richards put up a solid turn or two, but didn't really connect his waves through. Keto Burns pulled into a couple little drainers, but couldn't come quite come out of them. Billy Olsen caught a couple of waves that allowed for some solid backside hits, and Chris Kelly caught a few that ran him down the beach after some legitimate backside turns. So there's really no telling who took it at this point, we'll just have to wait for the awards ceremony later this week.

Also running today was the previously mentioned, rebellious Women's Longboard final, as well as the Open Bodyboard final.

At the moment, we're getting pounded with wind and rain, way more then we've experienced so far this week. And it's only going to get crazier from here on out. Hopefully we can reap the benefits of some cleaner surf, but we're just gonna have to wait. A big shout out to all the competitors today who braved the victory at sea conditions and the ESA for completing a full day's work in close to uncontestable conditions. Competition is off for today, and should get underway again tomorrow. Stay tuned to and for all updates on the competition. – Justin Cote and Ryan Brower