Samoa And Padang Update From Wavehunters Travel

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Padang, Indonesia Earthquake Update

Monday, October 5, 2010

As of today all of our Mentawai Islands live-aboard vessels based out of Padang, Indonesia have checked in SAFELY. All Wavehunters clients and other guests and crew onboard are SAFE. All vessels were in the islands and not Padang itself at the time of the earthquake and its passengers did not experience any effects from the quake. Here is an update on the whereabouts of each vessel and a detailed report from the yacht NUSANTARA below relating to the damage in Padang from the earthquake. For further updates on this humanitarian disaster please see

The 7.6 magnitude earthquake occurred just after 5 p.m. local time on Sept. 30.

Whereabouts of Wavehunters vessels and personnel relative to the time of the earthquake as follows:

NUSANTARA:: Departed port of Padang 1 night BEFORE the earthquake for the Mentawai Islands. ALL OK. Wavehunters passengers are at the islands on surf charter through Oct 10.

ADDICTION: Returned to port of Padang the morning AFTER the quake. All guests okay and have already left Padang for home.

TENGIRRI: Returned to port of Padang the morning AFTER the quake. All guests okay and have already left Padang for home.

BINTANG: At Mentawai Islands on charter Sep 24-Oct 6

NAVISTAR: At Mentawai Islands on charter Sep 24-Oct 6



Dear Friends of the Nusantara…

With the ongoing earthquake disaster in our headquarters of Padang Sumatra communications are still very sketchy and information has come out in bits and pieces.

We wanted everyone to know that all of our workers, friends, family and loved ones in Padang have survived with most of their homes intact. This is amazing, as 20 percent of all downtown buildings have been destroyed and thousands of people are still missing, many of which are trapped beneath the rubble.

The 3-story Ambacang Hotel where many of our boat’s guests stayed and relaxed between trips has collapsed and 80 people are still considered missing there. Another friend of the Nusantara "Sri" has lost her Bed & Breakfast called the Spice Homestay where we personally slept between trips. Sri was out walking at 5:15pm when the quake struck so she escaped with just the clothes she was wearing. Ayen, Eri, the many crewmembers and Ateng’s wife and family are also safe. Our boat the Nusantara was safely parked at Telescopes in The Mentawais but will have a big challenge when coming back to port next week. The airport is open again so hopefully our guests will return home safe to their loved ones without delay.

More and more support and relief is flying in every day and if you would like to also contribute contact SurfAid International. Our boat will be available for all relief efforts once it reaches port again and we look forward to rebuilding Padang’s prosperity through renewed tourism.

Thank you

Adam Kranz

Rob Morris

Mike Corica

David Klein

Samoa Tsunami Update

Official Statement & Update #1 from Clearwater Sports Resort (Sa’Moana Resort)

Miraculously Sa’Moana Resort has been spared any serious damage from the recent earthquake and the following Tsunami. All our guests were quickly and safely evacuated to high ground and after the all clear were returned to the resort to resume their holidays.

Faleolo International Airport is fully operational as is the business centre and Capital Apia.

Superficial damage was quickly repaired and most of that was wave damage to the resort grounds. The swimming pool is expected to be running within the next 24 hrs. Though one of the resort boats has been damaged Surf-2 our 34ft. twin hulled people mover is available but at this stage we’ll need to temporarily reduce surfer guest numbers to 10 to ensure space and comfort onboard.

All other aspects of the resort are operating as normal and guest's spirits are both positive and high.

Our heartfelt thoughts and sympathy go out to all who are suffering from the tragic loss of loved ones, friends and their possessions some of those are our industry friends here on island. The Owners, Management and staff of Sa’Moana Resort have offered their help and assistance where they can, whatever we can help with we’ll give.

It is amazing, and very grounding, to realize that our business has been spared, but spared we have been. To be able to continue to carry on business in times like these, and to continue our support of this beautiful country of Samoa, is very humbling.

Paul Robertson

General Manger

Sa’Moana Resort.

10.00am October 2nd 2009

Official Statement & Update #2 from Sa'Moana Resort for Guests Currently Booked for Holidays at Sa'Moana Resort

We have been extremely lucky in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami and only suffered minor landscaping damage. We would like to reassure all those guests that have booked for holidays at the resort for both now, and in the immediate future, that the resort is fully operational. Electricity is restored and the pool will be pumping tomorrow.

For those of you with immediate travel arrangements for stays at Sa'Moana Resort we can assure you that you will still be able to have a great holiday. Whilst part of the south coast and the south eastern end of Upolu Island has been devastated & suffered badly (maybe a quarter of the coast line) the rest of the island foreshores are still pristine and beautiful.

Our Tours and Activities program may be slightly modified, but feel we are able to provide our guests with an enjoyable holiday experience.

If however you decide to delay your holiday (which is really not at all necessary) we will allow you to do so, without any penalties, however your holiday must be concluded prior to 1st July 2010. Unfortunately any total cancellation of a holiday will still be governed by our standard cancellation policy.

Please be reassured that all is still beautiful in most areas of Samoa. The worst possible thing that could happen to Samoa now, its people and businesses, would be for tourists and visitors to stop coming. Every dollar (or Tala) spent in Samoa will benefit the restoration of Samoa's devastated areas and the support of its people.

Paul Robertson

General Manger

Sa’Moana Resort.

2.00pm October 2nd 2009


Samoa: Yep, that's a boat in a tree.

Samoa: Yep, that's a boat in a tree.