Samsung and WSL collab gives ‘thanks’ to surfing

Samsung, a sponsor of the World Surf League (WSL), just dropped a cheeky short featuring pro surfers Gabriel Medina, Mick Fanning, Sally Fitzgibbons and Malia Manuel.

This isn’t the first time the mobile retailer acknowledge the sport. Earlier this year, Samsung partnered with surfing wunderkind, John John Florence and morphed him into a full-fledged hammer-totin' god.

Through the lens of surfing, the new commercial pokes fun, while making the broader statement that together we make each other better.

Offered here is the witty text:

Thank you to everyone.
Thank you to friends, first sponsors and groupies.
To all the Daniels, the Gustavos and the Jurgens.
To 4-degree waters. To flat days.
To bad boards, cheap boards, kind of boards.
Thank you to Kelly, for making it look too damn easy.
Thank you to the second title.
To 3am. 4am. 5am.
Thank you to the surf fascists and the locals only.
To the surf babes.
To the wild cards.
To those we miss.
Thank you to the haters, the bullies and the trolls.
Thank you to hashtag go Medina, hashtag **** Medina.
To pain.
To paradise.
To heaven, to hell, and everything in between.
Thank you to the pessimists, the non-believers, the party crashers.
To those who push you up or bring you down, thank you all.
Without You, I’m nothing.

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