San Clemente Residents Spot What They Call A 15-Foot Great White Shark Just Outside Of Surf

Hmm, an unconfirmed shark sighting always sparks doubts about the motives behind those who spotted it. That said, in my opinion this crew is trying to protect that epic secret spot, "Somewhere Between Linda Lane and Mariposa..." by scaring us off by a bogus shark sighting. Either way, I'll be keeping my toes up this weekend...

Great White Shark San Clemente

“Where’s Wardo?!?”
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Is a great white shark frolicking in the waters off San Clemente?

Pacific Coast Shark News, a Web site that monitors and publishes reports of shark activity along the West Coast, has posted a report of a Jan. 8 sighting in the ocean off San Clemente.

City Hall issued a news release today calling the report unconfirmed and saying it has prompted calls from the public. But Richard Thornton, the local resident cited in the report, told The Orange County Register today that he indeed saw the large shark just outside the surf line between Linda Lane and Mariposa beaches. He guessed the shark may have been up to 15 feet long.

Thornton, a marketing representative whose son Trevor is a top-ranked competitive surfer at Shorecliffs Middle School, said several people watched from a cul-de-sac at Linda Lane Beach about 11 a.m. Jan. 8, a Thursday. Someone thought initially that it was a baby gray whale, but it became clear that it wasn’t.

“It actually lifted its head out of the water at one point,” Thornton said. “You could see its chiseled nose, dark gray on top and all white on the bottom. When it rolled over, you could see the side fin on it.”

Thornton said it was shocking. “It was absolutely enormous.”