San Clemente’s Doug Van Mierlo Wins NSSA State High School Championship

Factor54’s Doug Van Mierlo wins prestigious NSSA State High School Surfing Championship. “I am so stoked to come out with this win and take a big win for my school and my new Sponsor F54.”

The 16 year old from San Clemente had a brief reprieve last year while healing a broken Foot and has just been on fire since getting back in the water. “He’s really surfing at a great level and is showing some of the greatest potential I have seen in some time” said F54 chief and Former ASP, top 44 surfer Todd Miller.

Van Mierlo has been on the Factor54 team for only a short while and has already made quite an impression. “We were looking for someone down in the San Clemente area as we know there is always a lot of talent from there and a few people pointed us to Doug who was puzzlingly without a sponsor.” Miller went and watched him at an event in Huntington and was left with little choice but to put him on the team directly. “dripping with natural talent, he just needs a little confidence and some strategy for the contests. Clearly the kind of kid we wanted to add to our program that is really starting to click.

In smaller, 2-3 foot surf at San Clemente’s Church Beach the waves demanded someone who could read the conditions. “It went kind of flat for what seemed like forever and then I got a great set that just scored huge for me” Van Mierlo said. “Patience and timing was key.”

Many of the regions best surfers turn out for this event so a win here is something pretty special. It should also be noted that this is Van Mierlo’s first NSSA win ever. Taking a win over NSSA steady players like Quinn McCrystal is certainly saying something.

Next up for Van Mierlo is the NSSA Open Season and ultimately, Nationals.

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