San Diego Surf Rep Challenge Goes Off

The first annual San Diego Surf Rep Challenge was such a blast attendees could barely keep their pants on.

What began as a nice, respectable, late January night that brought together San Diego-area sales representatives from companies like Quiksilver, Hurley, and Volcom, to name a few, turned into a series of wild shenanigans leaving contestants with little-to-no recall of the evening.

Spearheaded by Jonah Mechanic, a moonlight bartender and San Diego sales rep for Rusty, Pro Lite, and Mantra eyewear, the goal of the Surf Rep Challenge at Plum Crazy Saloon in Pacific Beach, California was simple: to have fun.

“We thought it’d be nice to get everyone together for a little fun competition,” says Mechanic.

Tension started to mount as the reps strategized for the night’s first event, the half-pint-headstand-switch-a-roo-drink-off. For this event, one guy had to hold the other guy’s ankles while the first guy drank half a pint upside down. Then they had to switch. The first team to finish wins.

Apparently, Quiksilver’s Pat Artokovich and Volcom’s Lenny Jones have had a lot of practice grabbing ankles as they combined for the quickest draw.

After winning the first event, the Jones-Artokovich duo went on to win the evening’s final event and the grand prize, a trip for two to Costa Rica, courtesy of Council Travel.

However, the Challenge was not all about Jones and Artokovich. TransWorld’s very own Morgan Wright cheered on Sister’s Sam Lovell as he went on to defeat all challengers in one of the night’s most anticipated events, Strip Air Hockey.

While Volcom’s Jones lost (and showed spectators) his wad in early Strip Air Hockey play, Lovell persevered through it all, losing but a mere shoe throughout the competition. The Lovell-Wright combo just barely lost the overall win due to a controversial disqualification in the Vodka-Watermelon Eat Off.

“I swallowed the seeds,” says Wright. “I didn’t know we were supposed to save them. I thought everyone else were just being pussies.”

To cap off the night, the boys of Plum Crazy crowned Emerald City’s Jake Wonders, who brought the most women with him to the event, the evening’s “Plum Pimp.” His heram was eighteen strong. For his efforts to even out an otherwise sausage-fest, Wonders received a custom-painted shortboard courtesy of South Coast.

“A huge thanks goes out to George Lopez General Manger, Plum Crazy, and the Plum Crazy staff,” says Mechanic. “Also, thanks to all the shops that kicked down prizes. Without them, the Challenge wouldn’t have been as successful.”¿John Maynard