San Onofre dirt road closed due to rains, surfers lack parking spots

The winter rains that have been creating soggy conditions for Southern California this month have washed out the beachfront dirt lot and road at the San Onofre surfing beach just south of San Clemente. With only a tiny upper lot now available to park in, surfers have been parking on the access road to the park and receiving tickets for doing so.

According to a Facebook post from the San Onofre Surfing Club, “There are a very limited number of parking spaces in the paved lot by the lower gate and they are usually full. Also be aware that the State has written numerous parking tickets to cars that are not parked in a lined spot and/or are blocking the road.”

The State has closed this lot in the past for similar reasons. But repairs first need to be made to the road to make it safe. That may not happen anytime soon with more rain on the way.

As south division State Parks Superintendent Rich Haydon told the Orange County Register in an email, “Currently, the road has also experienced significant erosion due to tide and surf events, as well as run-off from the recent rains. It is unknown if or when the lot will reopen.”

According to the San Onofre Surfing Club, the State is exploring parking alternatives for the time being until they can solve the erosion issue with the road. Stay tuned for more details as this develops. And if you go surf San Onofre, make sure you’re in a proper spot.