Santa Cruz Surfboards Adds Christian Fletcher To The Team

Santa Cruz, Ca-Santa Cruz Surfboards is stoked out of it’s f—king mind to announce Christian Fletcher now rides for Santa Cruz Surfboards! Never before could the surf world conceive a partnership between two mind blowing innovators, with such rich skate and surf history.

“Riding Santa Cruz Surfboards is going to bring me back where I belong and fit in-the skateboard world!” says Christian.”Not to mention theSC boards are sick!”

Santa Cruz is pleased to announce that we will release 2 new Christian Fletcher models in mid summer of 2004. Santa Cruz will delve deep into Christian’s creative mind to dial in each of his every needs and translate that directly to his new epoxy models. Until then look for Christian ramping out on a combo of existing Santa Cruz epoxys and SantaCruz prototypes.

Christian will join the ranks of some seasoned Santa Cruz vets, Shawn “Barney” Barron & Adam Replogle as well as a few up-and-comers we like to refer to as the “New Guard” of SC Surf. SC’s New Guard includes but is not limited to Anthony Tashnick, Sean Petersen, Matt “Ratt”Schrodetzand Bud “wheres my logo” Freitas.

Welcome to the team Christian !