Sanuk Surfs the Air Waves

Starting Feb 16, Sanuk and San Diego based 91X FM are beginning an extensive on air promo for the 91X Punk Rock Pro-Am, to be held in Escondido, Friday Feb 27, said Bob Rief, Sanuk’s CEO.

“This is a big step for us. Our sales results for Spring 04 are awesome. Our California bookings are up in excess of 200% and one half of our sales territories have booked more business thru February than they did for entire year in 2003! Naturally we are stoked. But our strategy has to shift now. We have been concentrating on sell in; now is the time to shift gears and work on brand awareness and demand building at the consumer level to ensure we do all we can to help Sanuk dealers sell through.

We are very committed to our biggest ad schedule ever with TransWorld SURF, Surfer, ESM, and RAD. These are the traditional core methods of reaching the core consumers. But we wanted to add a new dimension in our awareness campaign, one that will reach millions of consumers daily and create demand for Sanuk.

We have partnered up with 91X, San Diego’s leading radio station. We will be running certain events and spots through the Spring and Summer months. San Diego is home base for Sanuk, so we want to start there. 91X is perfect: the on air celebrities, events and remote 91 minute broadcasts from our dealers are all great promotional opportunities. We plan to expand the effort into LA and Orange County later in the summer.


Jeff Kelley, Sanuk’s founder added: 91X is perfect for us. The station profile is a lot like Sanuk’s…irreverent, quirky, and different from its competitors. Their consumer profile is exactly ours; the difference is that 91X has millions of consumers that we hope to send to our dealers to buy Sanuk. The commitment that real surf retailers have given Sanuk is awesome. We in turn want to turn up the demand curve for Sanuk by doing all we can to accelerate their sell through and success.

“The partnership with 91X is a great first step for us. The Punk Rock Pro Am golf event is perfect,” continues Kelley. “We’ll attend the event with our Sanuk-mobile, and bro down all the celebrities. Donovan is scheduled to appear as well for our remote broadcast at Sun Diego. 91X will support the event with tons of Sanuk advertising. All in all, a huge step forward for us. We’ll make millions of impressions for Sanuk in one of our key markets. Its our best “thank you to all the real surf dealers who back Sanuk.