Saturday’s Results From The XCEL Pro

Sunset Beach, Hawaii
October 29th through November 11th, 2001
$20,000.00 Association of Surfing Professionals
World Qualifying Series Event

Sponsors-Xcel Wetsuits~Hawaii Tourism Authority~Counter Culture

Sunset Beach, Hawaii-

The second day of competition was completed with round three heat fourteen.Surf averaged six to eight feet for most of the day with strong offshoretrades blowing through the middle peak at Sunset Beach. With an mid morningoutgoing tide, north shore up and coming Jamie O’Brien scored a perfect tenpoint ride getting the most out of a wave from the outside and gettingbarreled twice through the inside bowl.

Others advancing through were world champion Sunny Garcia, Kaipo Jaquias,Bruce Irons and Kalani Robb as well as Australian competitors PaulPattersenand Matt Thompson.

Surf permitting the event will be completed tomorrow and include the XcelLongboard Invitational featuring Hawaii’s top professional longboarders.

Next Round Match Ups (Top two from each heat combine for quarter, semi andfinal heats)

Rd 3
Ht 15-Danylo Grillo/Liam McNamara/Michael Ho/Rory Parker
Ht 16-Jason Shibata/Love Hodel/Laurent Pujol/Mike Dodd

Rd 4
Ht 1-Sunny Garcia/Perry Turnbull/Gavin Beschen/Tamayo Perry
Ht 2-Jeremy Doudt/Kuilee Murphy/Bruce Irons/Benel Eleogram
Ht 3-Larry Rios/Pancho Sullivan/Myles Padaca/Rainos Hayes
Ht 4-Rob Zitz/Shane Beschen/Kaipo Jaquias/Duane DeSoto
Ht 5-Matt Thompson/Paul Pattersen/Jason Bogle/Nathan Carroll
Ht 6-Brian Pacheco/Nainoa Suratt/Roy Powers/Tom Dodland
Ht 7-Kalani Robb/Braden Dias/Henry Mills/Jesse Merle-Jones
Ht 8-(surfers from round three)

For details, heat sheets, results and live audio and video of the event, goto and click Surflive icon.