School Of Surf: Red Bull Riders Cup Video

VBS.TV And Red Bull To Launch Web Reality Surf Series


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On September 8th the world will find out what happens when you take a bunch of overeager high school kids who surf, let them viciously compete against each other and videotape the whole wet mess on and off the beach.

It's the premiere of the new series "School of Surf: Red Bull Riders Cup" and the show has completely defied our expectations of acne-prone teenagers who like to shred on fiberglass boards in the water.
You can learn more about the series and follow the saga here:
Within hours we were so wrapped up in all the relationship drama, family pressures, teenage riffing, and damn good surfing that by the time we looked at our watches, we realized we had shot an entire series and grown long scraggly beards. It was like the surfing equivalent of getting sucked into a Sunday afternoon Degrassi marathon.

The series gives you a detailed inside look at high school surf culture in and out of the water. School Of Surf chronicles the contrast between the blessed beach town surf kids of Southern California to the cold water warriors of the New Jersey shore. It follows the struggles of your average high school kid looking to carve a place for himself as pro surfer all while trying to graduate school and leave the surf team on a winning note by taking the national championships.

This 15 webisode documentary on the wet reality of varsity high school surfing will run over three weeks, starting on September 8th on online TV network VBS.

The Red Bull Riders Cup is the numero uno high school surfing tournament in the country, it pits 24 schools from six regions against each other in single-elimination rounds until the best school is left shredding. It follows "The Game" format, which is modeled after traditional team sports and conceived by former Pro Surfer Brad Gerlach from the National Surf League.

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