Searching for surf by plane on Vancouver Island

It turns out that the best way to search for surf in Vancouver Island is by plane.

“It's a real treat to fly around and pick your beach,” says professional skier, filmmaker, “Splash” winner and pilot Rory “Bushy” Bushfield in the Secret Canadian Surf Shack clip.

Bushfield took his 1950s single prop plane and a group of friends to the secret beaches near Tofino on Vancouver Island.

More known for its hiking, biking and camping, the island's west coast also offers great surfing, especially in winter. However, with the coast too rugged for roads, the only access is by boat or plane.

“We realized these beaches were pretty much huge airstrips and that we can land on them,” says Bushfield.

If that all sounds a little easy, searching for surf by plane during winter in British Columbia isn't always without its dangers.

“As we flew north across the channel Bushy mentioned that he was jealous we had our wetsuits in case the storm took us into the ocean,” director Ryan Harris posted later on Instagram.

“We charged into the storm and finally the beach appeared below us. The Seagull feather touched down and we taxied down the beach towards camp.”

It's not surprising then that crowds aren't an issue.

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