Season Opener Totally Crustaceous Tour Results

The Totally Crustaceous Tour for 03/04 started with theStarfish Surf Series. The first event of the season was heldat 9th Street in Huntington Beach on July at 9th. There was anoutstanding turn out for a Wednesday with more than a120 competitors who came from the East Coast,Hawaii, and Australia. This was the longest Starfishto date with heats running from 7AM to 7PM. The 2-4foot surf went from fun peaky waves to high tideshorebreak late in the day.

Ford Archbold dominated the earlier Grom heats butfailed to catch a good wave in the final. The finalcame down to two supergroms Andrew Doheny and AllanKincade. In the end it was Allan Kincade beatingAndrew Doheny by the hair on his chin.

Last years top two Juniors came back to battle it outagain. This time there were surfing against a newgroup including a “bomb” from Florida. Chase Newsomeand Kory LaPointe surpassed the group with theirHuntington knowledge. Starfish 02/03 Junior champChase Newsome prevailed with the win.

The Pro-Am final was a worldwide event. It came down totwo seasoned competitors, Raymond Reichle, and Alex Gray. Theyeach had one of the highest wave scores in theirfinal. Alex Gray was able to back up his high scorewith two average waves which sealed the deal and thewin and $200 hundred big ones. Hawaiian Raymond Reichle leftwith a hard earned $50 bucks and a bag of prizes.

Next Starfish will be on August 23rd at Goldenwest Huntington beach. Remember that every contestbrings us closer to the Totally Crustaceous TourVQS* Championships to be held in May 2004.

Thanks to the supporting cast: Body Glove, DVS,Bullys, Electric, Becker, Red bull, ConsolidatedSkateboards, Sexwax, Surfer, Surfing, Transworld,and Happy Magazine.

1. Alan “bearded grom” Kincade
2. Andrew Doheny
3. Logan Strook
4. Jason Harris
5. Brett Catron
6. Ford Archbold

1. Chase Newsome
2. Kory LaPointe
3. Brad Burdict
4. Dita Saraivo
5. Chris Waring
6. Jake Kirshenbaum

1. Alex Gray $200
2. Raymond Reichle $50
3. Ola Eleogram
4. CJ Kahuna
5. Luigi Nikiado
6. Jerry Burdine