SEVEN TIKI Sponsors Alek Parker’s “The Hunt”

SEVEN TIKI® Sponsors Alek Parker’s “The Hunt”

Series of webisodes follows Alek Parker, Ben Bourgeois, Cory Lopez, SEVEN TIKI team riders and others chase the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season

Coral Gables, Fla. — September 29, 2010 — SEVEN TIKI® Spiced Rum, a Fijian rum with spices and other natural flavors, today announced its sponsorship of the "The Hunt" series of webisodes. Cataloging the 2010 Atlantic Ocean / Gulf of Mexico hurricane season, the webisodes will feature the largest storms impacting the East Coast of the United States and the hardcore surfers who cherish their wave producing power.

"I’m hoping the third season of 'The Hunt' is going to be the best one yet," stated Alek Parker, SEVEN TIKI team rider and webisodes creator. "Hopefully all the components will create an extremely active Atlantic season. It's an exciting time when the charts turn deep red and purple!"

The opportunity to harness the energy that creates the best waves the East Coast sees every year leads many surfers to chase these swells. The Hunt and crew are not following a set schedule or location schedule, but will spontaneously go wherever the forecast is best.

"With Alek being a team rider of course we want to support his efforts- both in and out of the water," stated Billy Melnyk, senior brand manager, SEVEN TIKI. "Additionally, the similarities between the SEVEN TIKI brand and The Hunt make this a great investment and opportunity for everyone. Hopefully with an El Nino year, we'll have plenty of surf and it's looking that way right now as the Atlantic turns on."

With previous filming locations known and unknown, it's anyone's guess where the surfers will end up. Plus, this year extra precautions are being taken to make the trips as spontaneous and secretive as possible.

"Everyone knows how passionate I am about 'The Hunt' and I'm glad that SEVEN TIKI is sponsoring it. We're definitely going to show just how good the waves get during Fall hurricane season on the East Coast," stated Parker.