Shane’s Cherry – picked Boat Trip Quiver

Every year, Shane Dorian makes room for an annual boat trip that helps produce video sections for Taylor Steele’s future films and content for TransWorld SURF. This year, he came prepared with a carefully chosen selection of his best boards. “Usually in Indo,” Shane says, “the waves are in the three- to six-foot range so you don’t need many sizes of boards. I’ve been saving up my best boards all year just for this trip because it’s for Taylor’s next movie, which I really want a good part in.” Says Shane in regard to his beloved quiver: “I brought five 6’0″ shortboards and a 6’3″ just in case it gets bigger.”

Boards 1-4 and 6

JC Surfboards (John Carper), 6’0″, 18 1/8″ wide, 2 1/8″ thick squashtails. “These are all my favorite and best shortboards of the year. If I really loved a board, I just wouldn’t ride it-I break a lot of boards, so I had to just stash these away in my shed.”

Board 5

JC Surfboards, 6’3″, 18 1/8″ wide, 2 1/8″ thick rounded-pin. “This is one of my really good boards for bigger waves-like six or eight feet. I always hoped I’d get to ride this board in Indo.

Look for Shane’s boards in proper use in the next issue of TransWorld SURF.