Shark Haunts Funeral Service For West Oz Attack Victim

Interesting that the chopper that was sent to look for the shark didn't see anything…I think the fishermen are trying to sway public opinion and get a shark hunt going. Just a theory…—JC

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A shark has been reported swimming close to Perth’s southern coast as a memorial service for a 51 year old shark victim was underway.

Shark Attack Victim

Shark attack victim Brian Guest’s family pay their final respects. Photo courtesy

Fishermen spotted what they believed was a large shark just after 10am.

Swimmers at part of Port Kennedy beach, including a children’s vacation swimming program, cleared the water and the shark spotter helicopter was sent to the area.

However, it has so far failed to find any trace of the shark.

The sighting comes as more than 250 people gathered at Port Kennedy beach to farewell local man Brian Guest who was killed by a shark at the beach ten days ago.

Mr Guest’s body has not been found, despite a week long search.