Shark Kills Swimmer In Solana Beach, San Diego

A man who was swimming with a group was attacked by a shark this morning atabout 7 a.m. just south of Fletcher Cove (also known as Pillbox) in Solana Beach in North San Diego County. The swimmers, who are part of a group that swims there every Friday, were 150 yards from shore when the attacked occurred. Initial reports are that he was bitten on both legs, and was brought to the beach, but died on the scene. Authorities called it a “large marine animal,” although it’s obviously a shark and likely a great white or mako.  

Authorities promptly cleared the water and have closed a seventeen-mile stretch of beach, from Del Mar to Carlsbad. Helicopters were sent up in an attempt to spot the shark and were also instructing surfers to immediately return to the beach.

Transworld SURF Online Editor Justin Cote was about a mile offshore and just north of  the scene on a stand up paddle board when the attack occurred, “The lifeguards got on the loudspeaker and called all the Surf PE kids in, but they didn’t say a shark had killed somebody nearby. I’m sure it has something to do with the water being murky from the red tide we have going right now,” he said. 

The attack comes on the heels on numerous white shark sightings in SouthernCalifornia over the last month. Two weeks ago, professional surfer Andew Logreco spotted a baby great white swimming through the line up in Cardiff and reportedly picked the three-foot long shark up. As well, over the last few months numerous seals have washed up dead on county beaches with bite marks.

Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available–Casey Koteen